3GPP TS 23.401 PDF

Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 40) for 3GPP TS – General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enhancements for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enhancements for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN) access (Release. The APN-Restriction value is defined in clause of 3GPP TS . The standard (refer to 3GPP TS ) has identified four behaviors that are.

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Semi-static scheduling of the response packet of information feedback, receiving method and device. Response to cross-sub-frame duplication of information transmission method and device. A single vendor network comprises nodes delivered by a single t, i. A feedback control method and communication systems and related equipment. Channel Quality implementation instructions and information to send, end-user terminals and base stations.

Send, access to user information of power distribution method and device. Zero correlation zone to determine the length of the collection methods, devices and mobile communication systems.

Node and method for signalling in a proxy mobile internet protocol based network. Method and apparatus for processing nas signaling 3gop in wireless communication system.

Cell-constrained network terminal measurement method and equipment. A Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Send business deal with methods and systems. In summary, the framework with, at least, the following criteria may be provided in the MME:. A mobility management node used in paging procedure of user equipment in a wireless communication network, comprising: The infrastructure network further comprises other network nodes as high level nodes as for instance shown in FIGS.

The above mentioned and described embodiments are only given as examples and should not be limiting to the present invention. Yet another aspect of the present invention is provided, a computer program stored in a computer readable storage medium in a mobility management entity. Packet processing circuit domain user domain business methods, devices and systems.


A process of evolution of the network switch to release the source of network resources and systems. The processor is arranged to execute instruction sets of computer software code, stored in the memory, for handling steps according to the present invention: A MAC layer data processing methods and the use of the method of base stations and user terminals.

The SGW will go on executing the dedicated bearer activation or dedicated bearer modification procedure, i. X X 3gp 4 see table below Used in combination with laptop modems vendor.

In communication with MME is a serving gateway node used in paging of user equipment in a wireless communication network.

The step is described in detail in TS Subcarriers of the synchronization between different systems and sub-carrier spacing Detected. Method of transmitting a signal related to mobility management in a network supporting a number of network modes of operation. The invention also involves a mobility management node, e. In order to introduce paging differentiation step is addressed as will be discussed later in this document. This is solved by introducing an information element IE with proprietary configuration or to add an extension to the existing IE related to downlink data notification.

UE-initiated dedicated bearer request

A wireless communications system at the frequency of the soft implementation of the method of multiplexing. Attach and Tracking Area Update procedures.

Send and receive scheduling information of the user data methods, devices and systems.

Resources mapping, decoding methods, devices and communication systems. Automatically achieve the 23.4011 of equipment and management of equipment and system link. Method, node, and system for handling partial failure of mobility management entity. This is provided in a number of aspects in which a first is a method for handling paging of user equipment communicating wirelessly with a telecommunications network.


A multi-channel orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system implementation method of channel estimation. A communication system set up synchronization signal method and device. In order to reduce the load on the infrastructure due to paging procedures, a framework may be provided in the MME comprising selection criteria and a wanted paging granularity. Method and apparatus for controlling specific service in network congestion state in wireless communication system.

Wireless cellular networks and 3gp frequency band allocation method. Gateway handling nodes are also provided, e. The identification extension may be an evolved packet system bearer identification.

3GPP TS (1 of 40) – GPRS enhancements for E-UTRAN access

Terminal equipment on the limited network measurement method and device start-up. Downlink data may be transferred 3gpl mode is changed to connected. Optimize the adjacent list of community relations approach, systems and related equipment. It may be software instruction sets or hardware instruction sets depending on type of processing device, e. The downlink data notification may comprise an information element with the bearer identification.

For business data multiplexing method of setting reference signal and its system. Mechanism to uniquely identify and unify a user’s set of packet bearer contexts in a mobile telecommunications network.