At this site you will find dyno tests for the Ford L. The Paperback of the L Ford Dyno Tests by Richard Holdener at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. We take some of Ford L Engine performance packages, add some combinations The only sure-fire way to determine output is to dyno test it—or run it at the.

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For the induction side of our test, we used an Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap dual-plane intake combined with a Holey cfm mechanical secondary carburetor. So unless you follow the build exactly, you can expect different results. With the tuning finalized, the little cam made far more power than we expected, cranking out lb-ft of torque at 4, and hp at 5, rpm.

If you’re into Ford 5. Displacement ci Bore 4. Get Print Get Digital. Click here to buy now! In normally aspirated trim with a Holley EFI system, 90mm Accufab throttle body, and Crane Gold rockers, the injected stroker produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque dyjo 5, rpm. This pushed that little Ford to a peak horsepower ofand that was where we stopped.

Equipped on the dyno and tuned to perfection, the 5.

5 Litre Ford Dyno Tests : Richard Holdener :

Within a few hours of his discovery, the engine was sitting in the back of his truck on its way to a new home. Actual dyno test figures are provided as are specific details on test engine specifications used in each run. The stock GT40P springs must be upgraded when going to a longer-duration cam. Late-model hydraulic roller 5. One way to stay within budget on an upgrade like this is to reuse the stock hydraulic roller lifters.

Once again we employed a stroker assembly, but this one came in the form of a Dart SHP stroker assembly.


I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners. This photo shows the Lunati dual springs we used to ensure valve control at 6,rpm-plus engine speeds. You can also easily upgrade this system by adding a larger nitrous solenoid since the fuel solenoid is capable of delivering fuel up to hp.

Southfield, MI http: When we added timing, it lost power. The injected version was equipped with a set of CNC-ported heads from Procomp Electronics, a healthy Crane hydraulic-roller cam 0. There is additional power to be had with wilder cam timing, but figure you will start to trade bottom end torque for the gains experienced higher in the rev range. Cam Research Corp supplied a hot solid-roller cam that featured 0.

Since man does not live by 5. Author Richard Holdener, a regular contributor to several Ford magazines, has dyno tested virtually every modification and component available, from synthetic lubricants, iced intake manifolds and throttle bodies to cams, cylinder heads, and blowers. We have included the horsepower and torque graphs for a bone-stock 5.

We simply removed it from the wrecking yard and made the necessary modifications to run it on the engine dyno.

Ford 5.0L Engine Performance Packages – Packaged Performance

Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery. We also discovered some issues with the GT40P heads that required changes, so we added valves from Manley that eliminated the exhaust-valve rotators and allowed us to set the proper valvespring installed height.

These engines came with the GT40P head, which even with its small valves, offers really good performance. This test went so well that we were eager to see what the slightly bigger cam would do. Installed the larger Lunati cam—again, no other changes. Sources Air Flow Forc. If you dyo plan to swap this 5.

While the heads were off getting dynl massage, we turned our attention to the cam timing. The one problem with building and testing a single engine is that it only provides accurate information on one particular combination. With nitrous, this is easily a midsecond ride. In truth, this was designed as a turbo motor and eventually exceeded 1, hp at 17 psi.


Detonation occurred even though we pulled 8 degrees of timing with the nitrous engaged. Nothing sucks more than spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the latest and greatest parts, only to gain no power or reduction in ET.

Toss in some 1. The engine was in extremely good condition considering its mileage—the factory crosshatch was still evident on the 5.0ll walls. We will go into more detail on the head mods in a later story in Junkyard Builder, so watch for it. Tess results from over 2, dyno pulls Literally tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of dyno test results provided in this book.

The ci comes with a 4. X Newsletter Sign Up. We decided to test both ideas, so we ordered 5.0, roller cams from Lunati: Federal-Mogul Northwestern Hwy.

Despite adding 30 degrees of intake duration, this cam improved torque throughout the entire test from 3, rpm on up. Since the power output of any combination is a function of the major components and the displacement, an easy way to improve power without resorting to dyjo driveability is to add cubes. Some ideas never go out of style. Dart supplied CNC-ported Pro 1 heads for this test.

The heads also required some machine work, including screw-in studs, guideplates, and widening the spring pockets for bigger valvesprings. This will properly retain the lifters. We were surprised to see that a set of extrude honed stock heads was worth 38 horsepower dyn a stock engine!