808 #16 V2 MANUAL PDF

The Instruction Manual is Integrated into the Software. Latest Firmware Version V (as a general rule of thumb, if your Mobius is currently working, it is.

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The 16 V2 is now available with lens D, a degree lens. The first 5 posts contain links to all the important information, including a list of sources manuao you can buy this camera.

Do not use a USB hub. I do not know how to modify the file to play at 5 FPS without re-encoding it.

It can be pressed using the end of a paper clip or similar object. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Manula not post off-topic. Super mini size, only around 50mm L x 32mm W x13mm H Super light-weighted: If your screen is black, the software is not configured correctly.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #16

The 16v2 minimum firmware version is 0. The is a small color video camera with audio that also takes photos.

Note that the system requires about 2 seconds after power-on until the buttons become active. I have never owned an SUV. The camera #6 most probably flash 5 times. About 54 MB per minute 18 minutes per GB, 9. By Bobflyman in Devon UK.


The camera will also no longer react to button presses. My comment – To avoid problems, the USB cable must have good power and ground conductors and the 5V source must be regulated. In case of problems or questions your first stop should be a visit to: It is 1#6 safer to use the setup program which will always configure the camera correctly.

The 16 uses up to mA, so a good power and ground in the USB cable is necessary. Standard formatting tools provided by the operating system are not always reliable.

How to Use #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki – Oscar Liang

AVI file format, using the same H. If this is the case, insert the card above on the button side of the visible metal frame. BIN to the card. The camera does not react.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I don’t 1#6 what happens after photo MINI You will have to open the camera, remove the battery and very carefully reseat the ribbon cable. The only exception is for the video output format. Mechanical shock or bending the flat cable might damage it.

How to Use 808 #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki

This will take about 1 second. Has almost no missing frames. New Lens and totally new circuit board design. If present, I don’t know how to extract or play all seconds of audio.

  IRFU 420 PDF

The description says it is an I don’t know if all seconds of audio is manuxl in the file. Hi Oscar, Would you please tell me how can I fix the zoom of this mini camera? These can give additional time lapse video modes:: Exposure to a blue sky does not cause a temporary gray vv2 yellow color shift like the 16v1.

Bootloader Update The bootloader is responsible for correctly loading and updating the firmware. Recording will continue as long as there is movement detected. What could cause unreliable auto-record while using external USB power? The USB 5V source must be compliant 4. Yellow LED flashing very fast: To translate this page select a language.

Since all the parameters can be set programmatically using parameters, it is not necessary to load different firmware versions for different configurations. Sometimes the card holder metal frame is not positioned properly in the body manuao is clearly visible in the card slot.