The Aastra D DECT handset works with Aastra SIP-DECT as well as Aastra’s TDM DECT solution. The Aastra d offers a vibration alarm, headset socket. Aastra d: fast delivery and good price This is IP&Go!. The Aastra D is a cordless DECT phone with 5-line backlit monochrome display. Call us on for expert advice | Onedirect.

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Select one of the aastr, and confirm this by pressing OK. You are making a call: Our product aaastra the strictest requirements with regard to quality and design. This means that if you exchange phones with someone else, you simply take your memory card out of your own phone and plug it into the other one. Keep the handset and accessories out of reach of small children. In predialing, if the input cursor is positioned behind the phone number, the number to be chained will be suffixed to that phone number.

Use the call key to accept the call. Also See for d User manual – 80 pages User manual – pages User manual – pages.

No by phone bk Opens the telephone book. F Select Quick Call. If a function only permits you to switch between two options, the OK key causes this to take place. Here you can see the call numbers of callers who most recently have tried to reach you. The other party can now hear you again. In the event of a power outage, the contents of the memory program and user data will be saved without any changes being made.

When you insert the batteries for the first time, the charge status will not be displayed correctly until they have been completely discharged and then completely recharged. A short press in the idle state opens the handset menu.

Press the C-key to delete the digit to the left of the flashing character. In input lines for entering text, the numeric keyboard automatically switches to entry of letters. Edit You can edit the number and the name. Three-party Conference Telephoning Transfer: Information Menus Features and Menus Switching back and forth between these time groups can be done manually or automatically — according to a schedule configured qastra the system administrator.


The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for damage of this nature. The currently held call will be activated and the active call held. The date and time are then not displayed. Warranty Repair Services This warranty sets forth the entire liability and obligations of Aastra with axstra to breach of warranty, and the warranties set forth or limited herein are the sole war- ranties and are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including war- ranties or fitness for particular purpose and merchantability.

Only your local phone book is deleted. Appendix The capacity of the batteries used can be improved when after more lengthy usage periods the batteries are fully discharged and then fully recharged.

Always enter the phone number together with the area code, as otherwise the name cannot be displayed when a call comes in from this number. P rotect your equipment up to 3 years after the delivery date.


You can select a melody for the alarm as described below. Press the upper parts of the belt clip together as shown, push it over the belt, then release the end of the clip again. The following functions are available: Please note the following when setting up, connecting, and using your telephone: Carry out the following steps to update the software for your Aastra d: You should aawtra adhere to any regulations applicable in medical institutions regarding the operation of cordless telephones.

For security purposes you must enter your PIN twice.

For information on how to do this, please contact the administrator of the system in question. Select Central settings, then select… Time control: When you want to speak with the other party again, press the left softkey again.


This is the list in which you enter aaatra phone numbers you want to filter. NB The entries and features that are actually available may differ from those described in this user guide as they are dependent on specific conditions.

IP&Go – % VoIP – IP Phones – Aastra d

This programme enables callers to leave messages for you even for those occasions when you are not reachable. The rest of the procedure is voice-controlled. If there is no power to the charger cradle and the handset is placed in the cradle, the handset will remain switched on and will gradually discharge itself while on standby.

Note You can also end the first call and then answer the waiting call.

Press softkey to confirm and continue. Make sure the contacts are face down as you do so and that the notched edge of the card is at the bottom left. You delete quick call entries by deleting the code displayed with the C key.

Number Keys You use the number keys to input phone numbers, names, and vanity phone numbers.

Aastra 142d

You are making a call. The configured time groups then asstra automatically according to the schedule configured by the system administrator. Use only nickel metal hydride NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Applications Aastra has developed a range of Applications to fit your business needs View Applications. It is possible that some of these substances may contain components which damage the rubber feet on the charger cradle.

Communications Platforms Whether you’re a small business, a medium sized business or a very large enterprise – Aastra has the solutions to accommodate your business needs. Call forwarding has now been configured.