Stipovi su prilagodjeni za udobno i lako citanje preko video snimka. | See more ideas about Alan ford.

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His lateral thinking, wittiness and ability to save himself quickly from the most complicated situations make him the most valuable agent of TNT, a trait that even Number One acknowledges. He is mostly at odds with Number One for abnormally poor salary and his tyrannical attitude, and he is usually zlan by Number One with his stick when Bob provokes him.

He came from a family of criminals: It survived the dissolution of the country and in it was fofd one of the best selling comic books in the area.

He is Number One’s best friend forrd lives in his hideout with him, although the two constantly clash on most trivial subjects. Otto Grunf is a naturalized German-born inventor. This edition is still a popular collectors’ item. He is rather tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He is a smart dog, though easily bribed with food. He moved to America and changed his last name from Grunt to Grunf to avoid detection, and is mentioned to also serve in Second World War. The reputation of Alan Ford grew with subsequent issues. He enjoys beef steaks and is a former alcoholic; his drinking habits are occasionally shown throughout the issues.

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Alan Ford (comics)

He is bald and nearly toothless, and he usually sleeps around in the flower shop with The Boss. Brixy died inmarking in many ways the end of an era for Alan Ford in Yugoslavia. His best friend is Jeremiah, but almost constantly bickers with him. It was produced by Max Bunker Press and was based on the SuperCiuk story already published in the comic series.


The Favorite of the Slavs ” in Italian. He matures during the course of the series and grows to be a tough, smart man. The FrenchDanish and Brazilian editions soon failed but the only other foreign edition, in SFR Yugoslavia fod, was a huge success, becoming and remaining one fore the most popular comic books in the former country and its successors.

He was sentenced to life in prison, but he managed to switch seats with an American criminal due to be transferred, and then he freed himself during a flight by parachuting himself out.

Although it became widely popular in Italy shortly after its introduction, Alan Ford remained relatively unknown outside Italy. Currently the comic book is drawn by Dario Perucca who also draws covers with inks by Omar Pistolato. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, Borgis picked up the publishing rights for the Croatian market, keeping the original series title Alan Ford Superstrip.

Alan Ford (strip) – Wikipedia

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T at low cost”. His job is usually to drive Number One around New York in other words, push his wheelchair around.

He landed in New York and he was discovered by Number One while he was trying to hustle a rich businessman, and was persuaded to join TNT. SFRJ industrija video igara in Serbian https: Cirano is Bob Rock’s dog, who often participates in the group’s missions.

Alan Ford (strip)

He is extremely sripovi and stingy: When you select the search parameters, click Search. Select one of the items, or continue to type, to narrow the choices, after the third aan is typed, each new letter does query to the database and returns a new search. Group TNT is an assembly of misfit secret agents, who operate from a flower shop in New York CityUnited States, which they use as a front for their secret headquarters. However, his bad luck with women turns for the better when he meets Minuette Macon.


He usually dresses in white or grey suits, smokes Cuban cigars, is completely bald and always wears his trademark sunglasses. All Old Current Type: Their outlandish biographies are dwarfed by that of their iron-fisted and shrewd leader, the wheelchair-ridden Number One, a Methusalem character who embezzles the millions paid to the group fod American government or city fathers for secret fordd, while paying a pittance to his agents.

Other enemies, whose names are normally puns in Italianare Katodik, the two killers Frit and Frut, Mr. Although the initial plot in the first few episodes develops around an agent frd Alan Ford, he is later just one of the central group of characters: More than once, he was used by Sir Oliver stirpovi his various schemes. He is a former Chicago mobster who made his fortune during the Prohibition era. A Republic of Macedonia edition was also available for a while, and the Serbian editions are now imported into Macedonia and Montenegro, still remaining hugely popular.

He is at odds with Number One, who despises him for his laziness and inability to perform missions. Some of Vjesnik’s editions were occasionally censored by the publisher.