AR 740-3 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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The average number of square feet of net storage space necessary to store one short ton of material. Storage space within hospitals. Enter the sum of lines 11, 12 and The acceptance or rejection of such space will be substantiated by a thorough economic analysis of the alternatives. DALO—SUS process requests for warehouse space when major qr are confronted with storage problems xr cannot be resolved between interdepartmental storage offices.

An established need justifying the allocation of space or a facility to accomplish an approved objective, mission, or task. ASMP functional procedures are as follows: Does the person who is responsible for submitting the DD Form have a good knowledge of their job, or do.

For each commodity, show data for each type of space in which material is stored. Utilization of covered space, not including igloos and magazine space, will seek an occupancy level of 85 percent of net storage space available and will attain a storage af of 15 square feet per short ton table 4—1. However, where local conditions and actual commodity characteristics dictate a specific stacking height, the latter will apply.


Additionally, ammunition storage space occupancy will attain the following storage densities: Each working group member must be empowered to make decisions for their organization. One working group member will be selected as chairperson for each adopted project or task. Section I Required Publications. Planning will include phased programs to improve the use of permanent storage facilities and close out, vacate, and demolish or place in standby, those facilities that are the least desirable for retention or operation.

AR Storage And Supply Activity Operations

Determination and justification of storage facilities requirements, page To make this website work, we log user data 7740-3 share it with processors. Structural loss is defined as space not usable for storage because of construction features or physical zr. The maintenance provided in each phase of the prepositioned material cycle will be as follows: Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

Space utilization standards a.

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Space placed in standby status in accordance with AR — A remark will be provided which indicates the current report submission is the last that will be made by that installation. Army prepositioned stocks APS Material configured to equip specific TOE a units upon initial deployment to a designated theater of operations. The DA has committed to arr ammunition surveillance missions, functions, facilities equipment, procedures, and programs.

Management of the program of ammunition restriction, suspension and release to minimize the possible use of hazardous items. Such costs will not be charged to the PA production base support account.


It provides review and reporting of conditions affecting safety and the recommendations for corrective actions. Sample of completed DD Form with completion instructions by item, column, and line — continued Line 3.

The program includes, but is not limited to, visual inspections and tests such as initial receipt inspections, cyclic inspections, storage monitoring inspections, pre—issue inspections, and basic load inspections. Covered storage will be provided. These drawings are official documents and are applicable throughout the ammunition supply system of the U.

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Enter the sum of lines 5 and 6. Types of warehouse space a. It will include all such space which has been out—leased, licensed, permitted, cross-serviced, or which otherwise is used. Work aisles that are contiguous to these support areas are classified as part of such support areas. It includes, but is not limited to, barracks, dry tanks, hangars, transitory shelters, and quonset buildings.

Warehouse space will be used to the maximum extent of availability to store serviceable and economically reparable unserviceable supplies. Safety clearance Space which remains vacant due to restrictions prohibiting its use. Sample of completed DD Form with completion instructions by item, column, and line — continued Line Wet storage space Water space designated for the storage of floating equipment.