an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site (www. ) or from .. , ANSI/ASHRAE , ANSI/ASHRAE ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual: Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems (ASHRAE SP) [Donald L. Fenton, William V. Richards] on . From the editor In a previous newsletter, we discussed the application of ANSI/ ASHRAE. Standard 15, “Safety Standard for. Refrigeration Systems,” to large.

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The alarms required in this section shall be of the manual reset type with the reset located inside the refrigerating machinery room.

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A sign distinguishes the current-reading indicator from the alarmactivation indicator required by 8. Facilities should note, however, that the alarms required in this standard annunciate not that an emergency is occurring but that an abnormal situation is occurring.

A clear and unobstructed approach and space shall be provided for inspection, service, and emergency shutdown of condensing units, compressor units, condensers, stop valves, and other serviceable components of refrigerating machinery. Gas fuel devices and equipment used with refrigerating systems shall be installed in accordance with approved safety standards and the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. SSPC consideration will be given to proposed changes according to the following schedule: Rupture of a part or an explosion with risk from flying debris or from structural collapse. A change in the type of refrigerant in a system shall not be made without the notification of the authority having jurisdiction, the user, and due observance of safety requirements.

The pressure-relief valve that protects the higher pressure vessel shall be selected to deliver capacity in accordance with 9. The distinction is based on the basic design or location of the components. To correct for height, H ftabove sea level, multiply these values by 1 — 2.

When a refrigerating machinery room is used, the emergency procedures shall be posted outside the room, immediately adjacent to each door. Is this Interpretation correct?


Provides a digital readout of the current refrigerant detector reading outside the refrigerating machinery room. This is perfectly acceptable, provided that the additional alarms or indicators are clearly distinguished from the main alarm. It has not been processed according to the ANSI requirements for a standard and may contain material that has not been subject to public review or a consensus process.

Solutions Exception for items 1 and 2: Materials shall not be used that will deteriorate because of the refrigerant, the lubricant, or their combination in the presence of air or moisture to a degree that poses a safety hazard. Many other approaches are possible, especially in facilities that prepare sophisticated emergency response plans. In referring to this Standard or Guideline and in marking of equipment and in advertising, no claim shall be made, either stated or implied, that the product has been approved by ASHRAE.

In the latter case, anyone entering the refrigerating machinery room might be entering a hazardous area. The type of refrigerant or lubricant in a system shall not be changed without evaluation for suitability, notification to the authority having jurisdiction and the user, due observance of safety requirements, and replacement or addition of signs and identification as required in Electronic change proposals may be submitted either as files MS Word 6 preferred attached to an e-mail uuencode preferred or on 3.

Additions are shown in underline and deletions in strikethrough. The lines shall be pitched so as to drain to the system. When contamination is evident by discoloration, odor, acid test results, or system history, recovered refrigerants shall be reclaimed in accordance with 7.

January 22, Request from: To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Pressure-limiting devices shall be connected between the pressure-imposing element and any stop valve on the discharge side.

ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard 15-2001 User’s Manual : Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems

Sgandard is permissible to use any departures suggested herein from provisions in the mandatory parts of this standard when granted by the authority having jurisdiction. No enclosures shall be required for connections between a condensing unit and the nearest protected riser if such connections are not longer than 6. In a more sophisticated facility, with appropriate training and other measures specified by local regulations, refrigeration technicians might use this alarm as a signal to don respiratory protection.


Pressure vessels having inside dimensions of 6 in.

Also, the total of all Group A2, B2, A3, and B3 refrigerants shall not exceed lb kg in the occupied areas and machinery rooms of institutional occupancies. For the allowed standzrd pressure P0use the percent of set pressure specified by the manufacturer, or, when the allowed back pressure is not specified, use the following values, where P is the set pressure: Visit our Help Pages. Emergencies in Refrigerating Machinery Rooms The hazards of refrigerants are related to their physical and chemical characteristics as well as to the pressures and temperatures occurring in refrigerating and stzndard systems.

Note that donning stqndard protection is a last-resort option under most industrial hygiene regimens; it is preferable to provide engineering controls to reduce refrigerant concentrations to tolerable levels. Also, initial labeling and tagging of individual valves is costly as is the continued costs for maintaining proper tagging stanadrd the valves. Reentry into Refrigerating Machinery Rooms Reentering an area during an emergency requires sophisticated equipment and training; many national and local regulations govern such activities.

The changes in this addendum are intended to clarify the requirements for internal relief to improve safety in situations where the changes apply. Highsides of all air-cooled systems: Number of additional pages: Purpose, Reason, and Substantiation Statements: This appendix is not part of this standard.

For blends, Appendix A is offered to aid in determining allowable concentrations.