ok, you say ‘I knew baerwald protractors, Loefgren protractors, what is that Stevenson it’s somewhere on the internet), Stevenson shed a new light on cartridge. THE REGA BAERWALD ARC PROTRACTOR download this protractor oops, impossible for me to set up my cartridge using your protractor: two possibilities. I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment. I wound up with.

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Baerwald Alignment Protractor for Turntables by Entropy4U – Thingiverse

Give a Shout Out If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Can you see the slight mis-alignment to the zenith adjustment?

Perhaps there will be inner grove tracking issues that will be better and I just need more time to identify them.

I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment. There is no possible adjustment, right or wrong that would prevent you from achieving this.

With the platter immobilized, the protractor will be rotated to check adjustment at each null point. It is based upon the Baerwald calculations for minimum tracking error when using a pivoted tonearm. Okay, so how does the spreadsheet work?

To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make. We’re sure Entropy4U would love a Tip, but unfortunately they have not setup their accounts to receive them yet. When it was new I let the dealer set it up and had complete faith that it was done correct. Ben AdamsJan 29, The Magnited States of ‘Murica.


Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor

Say thanks by giving Entropy4U a tip baaerwald help them continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. When I tried then on my old TT I seemed to get close but never perfect so the needle would drop in both points while remaining aligned in the grid.

That is my point. Guy at the shop double-checked the wire connections, but said without the TT as well, he couldn’t check the alignment.

Top view showing the two points of alignment. So, the alignment is right if I am looking at it straight on and the cantilever is in a straight line with the line on the protractor? You know you have it perfect when both points are perfect without baerwalr the protractor. This will involve some averaging of the zenith angle between the two points, but the stylus should find exact center over both null points.

When correctly set, the stylus will have protractoor near perfect alignmeng tangency at two points on the record, minimizing tracking error between and beyond the null points.

Baerwald Alignment Protractor for Turntables

So my main point is when you are aligning with the grid it all hinges on how good your eyesight is. Snug up the mounting screws firmly then double check your alignment using the protractor. To adjust Zenith angle, the cartridge body is rotated within the headshell until a parallel alignment exists between baerwalv cantilever and the grid lines on the protractor. Please do not enter numbers into any other cells; otherwise you may destroy important equations that enable the spreadsheet to function properly.


Depending on how well you align your sightline you may be way off. For example, suppose you wish to evaluate Steven Rochlin’s alignment tool, which has alignment null-points at approximately 70mm and mm. I compared the first alignment done by the dealer with the jig and it was off both in the alignment with the grid and the azimuth were off, badrwald much for blind faith.

DarkAuditJan 29, Videos Enjoy the Music. The calculator has three yellow input cells and six green output cells.

Baerwal trick is to have the cartridge mounted so that the needle aligns perfectly on BOTH dots without moving the protractor. One reason for unlinking the calculator might be to evaluate a tonearm’s geometry by inputting effective length, angular offset, and stylus overhang directly into cells A3, B3, and C3, respectively.

You rotate the gauge and the swing the arm until it is.

Yes, my password is: I ordered the Technics overhang gauge, and printed out the Technics protractor from Vinyl Engine.

If necessary, immobilize platter I suggest masking tape. The second cause baewald be an incorrect pivot-to-spindle mounting distance. Why does every one of these alignment instructions always contain a wrong statement to confuse the beginner?

I was first sent a defective cartridge so I got two opportunities to set it up.