Home Urdu Books Raja Gidh novel by Bano Qudsia Pdf Download Bano Qudsia is one of those Urdu authors who’d think twice before. Read Raja Gidh Urdu Novel Bano Qudsia, Best Famous Romantic Urdu Novels List. Raja Gidh (Urdu: راجه گدھ ) by Bano Qudsia is an Urdu novel. Gidh is the. Bano Qudsia (بانو قدسیہ) also known as Bano Aapa, was a Pakistani novelist, playwright and spiritualist. She wrote literature in Urdu, producing novels.

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Raja Gidh / راجه گدھ by Bano Qudsia

rajw I mean why are qhdsia turning into such religion snobs. She wrote literature in Urdu, producing novels, dramas and short stories. Sorry for a super long review, but I really want everyone to read it and see how beautiful was our literature, before we destroyed it by our religious extremism and so called social and cultural values.

Bano Qudsia is among those Urdu writers who would think ten times before writing a sentence. Thorough, inquisitive, painful, and all that a good book should be. This is my third urdu novel so consider it a rookie’s review. It was a very Inspirational psycological and philosophical novel.

Almost every novel follows a religious theme with a super pious girl who knows nothing about the world.

If you have a particular complaint about content, Please contact us on our email. Raja Gidh was actually a wakeup call for me, reminding me that these social issues are real. Bano Qudsia was recognized as a trendsetter in the realm of television plays. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Seemin Shah, hailing from an upper middle class family, falls in love with her handsome class fellow Aftab in the MA Sociology class at Government College Lahore.


I got fascinated with the beginning description of the animal kingdom but what followed was total misery, misery for the reader. Jul 07, Tariq Mahmood rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yeh Ishq Nahi Asaan. One thing I didn’t like was the way she described religious people. In fact, parallel to the main plot of the novel, an allegorical story of such a kingdom is narrated.

This book is about the never ending search of freedom, the search of death, the fear of death and the madness of it all. Return to Book Page. But she does not sacrifice the flow of the narrative anywhere urdk this novel. It had a great message about the concept of Haraam forbidden and Halaal granted behind its story. People like me live in a cocoon of safety and blissful ignorance and like to pretend that there is nothing wrong with the world.

As far as I thinkthis all started from that first introductory class in university. She seems to nogel that the abnormality is transferred genetically im the next generation.

Our protagonist, Qayyum, is metaphorically the Prince of the Vultures for he too has fed on the dead soul of a woman who had lost her everything when the man she loved left her. Every sensitive reader who has attended a college or a university in a Pakistani setting is bound to find some similarities between themselves and one of the characters.

It is interesting to note how Urdy Qudsia takes a character and destroys him completely by throwing him in every situation deemed responsible for insanity. This would be wrong and unjust, Islamically, socially and even ethically.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Prem Chand to Manto, there is a huge number of short story writers who gifted urdu literature with gems of Afsaana nigari, but unfortunately, apart from some isolated efforts the trend of novel writing, to my limited knowledge, has been stagnated for Bano Qudsia belongs to the post-independence scholars, poets and intellectuals who filled the void created by separation of Urdu from its birthplace.


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Raja Gidh / راجه گدھ

This article needs additional citations for verification. She has her own views and I have my own views.

Rajaa Best Motivational Stories in English. The novel then takes on touching several moral and ethical issues, beyond the love triangle plot, depicted through the rich culture and everyday life of Lahore.

Raja Gidh – Wikipedia

qudsis Gidh is the Urdu word for a vulture and Raja is a Hindi synonym for king. Books by Bano Qudsia novels Urdu-language novels s novel stubs. So rather than spending one’s life in search of answersone urduu stick to some religion or spiritual belief that one prefers and life or die in peace. Bano Qudsia has written this novel drawing on the religious concept of Haraam and Halaal.

Books by Bano Qudsia.

I have to read this novel once every year to reinvigorate myself Aftab belongs to a Kashmiri business family. No trivia or quizzes yet.

She was married to novelist Ashfaq Ahmed. May 25, aiman. The most important aspect of this book is the theory that’s main idea is “Haraam rizq spreads insanity in a person and in his next generations”. The metaphor of the vulture as an animal feeding mostly on the carcasses of dead animals is employed to portray the trespassing of ethical limits imposed by the society or by the religion. Thanks to bano qudsia for enriching urdu literature! Just because of this I stopped reading modern urdu literature.

She was best known for her novel Raja Gidh.