SHREE SWAMINARAYAN MUSEUM. SATSANG BALVATIKA. BHAKTI-SUDHA. NEWS. SWABHAVIK CHESTA. Shree Hari’s Divine Nitya Niyam – This should be recited daily by all devotees. Nitya Niyam comprises Aarti, Ram Krishna Govind, Stuti, Prathna and the. Nathajine Nirakhi Mara / Lochan Lobhana. Sukhkari Ghanshyam (BAPS) Sukhkari Ghanshyam Mara / Mandirma Padhravu. Sukhkari Ghanshyam (BAPS) .

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Need to cheta several kirtans to your favorits list? This site has 2 options for selecting and displaying kirtan selection text on left and kirtan text: If a kirtan has been sung and published in a cassette or CD by BAPS, then this information is included for the kirtan.

Kirtan Selection Sort kirtans by: This site uses an embedded font to display Unicode Gujarati. If you cannot view the Unicode Gujarati text, see All about Gujarati Typing for information on how to install Gujarati language support. Unicode Gujarati – the text of all kirtans was typed in Unicode Gujarati, which is viewable in most popular operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions.


Finding and Selecting Kirtans The selection menu is both intuitive and comprehensive.

Chesta Pratham Shree Hari Ne, a song by Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj on Spotify

Index Group by Alpha Category Writer. Unicode Gujarati, English transliteration, and Harikrishna Gujarati. Click on the icon to view the kirtan in presentation so that it can be broadcast on screen in sabha.

Google Android finally supports Gujarati Unicode starting with version 4. The selection menu is both intuitive and comprehensive. Language and Font This site has 2 options for selecting and displaying kirtan selection text on left and kirtan text: Adding kirtans to your favorites list does chesra store the words locally.

Click on icon to add your favorites.

Your browser does not support JavaScript or is disabled. Search queries must be chestq Unicode Gujarati or English. Javascript is required for this site to function and you will not be able to select kirtans without it. Mobile Site Desktop Site Feedback.


However, the Gujarati font is not included. You can easily switch back to the kirtan selection mode by clicking on the icon.

Help & General Info

Get started with finding your kirtan using the selection menu on the left for desktop version or bottom for mobile version. Please enable Javascript and reload this page.

You can find kirtans based on their alphabetical listing, by category, by writer, artist or the publication media. The site is also compatible with mobile browsers such as Safari on the iPhone, stock browser on Android, mobile Firefox, mobile Google Chrome and Dolphin Browser.

The site works with IE 7 and 8 but will lack design elements that are seen with IE 9.