Biography of Shakuntala Devi General Knowledge Biography of Shakuntala Devi . Shakuntala Devi was born on November 4 in Bangalore into an orthodox Brahmin family. Her father, refusing to follow the family priestly. Shakuntala Devi is a mathematical genius renowned as “human computer “. She was born on 4th November AD, in Bangalore. She is.

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SHAKUNTALA DEVI – Indian Scientist – mathematician

Notify me of new posts by shakuntalz. She was born in a well-known Brahmin priest family. November 4 Pictures of Shakuntala Devi Image Credit. Human computer, Devi Shakuntala.

She wrote the book, The World of Homosexualswhich is considered the first study of homosexuality in India. She arrived at the result in just 28 seconds. Even with a meager amount he earned, he tried his very best to get Shakuntala Devi the basic educational needs.

She has answers for every complicated problem in mathematics. She is reputed for solving complex mathematical problems biographt. Shakuntala Devi travelled the world demonstrating her arithmetic talents, including a tour of Europe in and a performance in New York City in In these games, her father noticed that she always won.


The Joy of Numbers’, that is still in print. Shakuntala Devi was born on November 4 in Bangalore into an orthodox Brahmin family. Sardar Jagat Singh Ind 0. Jensen suggested that she perceived large numbers differently from others. Today Shakunatala Devi is an accomplished mathematician whose interests also include the mystic field of Astrology.

There she was asked boigraphy calculate the 23rd root of a digit number, which she solved in 50 seconds. She had penned down books for Children too.

Her father was a traveling magician who had rebelled against his traditional family to pursue this unconventional profession instead of becoming a priest or astrologer as his forefathers had been.

Sunday 30 December The sum, picked at random by the computer department, was 7,, x 2,, Gandhi”; [19] she stood ninth, with votes 1.

Later she performed her mathematical skill in various universities like the Annamalai University, Osmania University, Hyderabad, and Vishakhapatnam. When volunteers wrote problems on a blackboard, Shakuntala Devi would turn around, stare at the problem and come up with the right answer, always in less than a minute. Pioneers and Landmarks ” “. She treated homosexuality in an understanding light and is considered a pioneer in the field.


Biography of Shakuntala Devi

In the yearShakuntala Devi extracted the 23rd root of a digit number mentally without any mechanical aid. Jensen set her two problems, the cube root of 61,, and the seventh root of , The Great Mental Calculators: Retrieved on 4 November Inshe appeared on a BBC show where the host Leslie Mitchell gave her a complex math problem to solve.

Her father was a magician who performed on various road shows. She was a famous Indian writer too. Retrieved 23 July Yet, Shakuntala Devi does not like being called the human computer.