Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for Bird-Watching-In-Lion- Bird Watching In Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit. Reviews for BWILC by Dirk Du Toit at By traders, for traders. Hi: Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about the book [U] Birdwatching in Lion Country[/U] by Dirk du Toit? Other than the.

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Its easy to give a trading system, much harder to convey a perspective, but its in the hard stuff that the nuggets of gold are buried.

Bird Watching In Lion Country By Dr Dirk Du Toit

Everything is in focus. Sometimes the buyers are in charge and the market moves up. In order to do this he has to exchange United States dollars for euros or pounds or yen or whatever he fancies as a good play.

Who do you believe? Birs relational analysis, the 4X1 strategy and median grid trading methodology.

I will mentor you to help you reach your realistic goals in forex trading. In addition, until very recently, only financial and investment institutions and very wealthy private individuals families could afford to trade forex because of the large minimum lot transaction sizes and margin or credit linerequirements set by the banks.

Unlike some trading systems, my system begins before any buy or sell buttons are pushed. I have written a full review of the book, but it’s a rather long review so here’s a quick excerpt: You will need to read this book a couple of times. Sooner or later this faulty logic will be exposed.


Be realistic about what you are doing, what you are dealing with, what the dangers are and how well you can defend yourself against them. You may be lucky and do it once using high gearing but I guarantee you this: One way or another I will get the message across. If you are in the losers group paradigm you have to make a giant leap to leave it if you want to join the winners group paradigm.

Chosen time frame Your chosen time frame of the market is, simply put, a choice about what range of price movement you consider significant over a given period. Feb 20, 58 0 16 www.

I needed to bring my account back up again to positive. You can see the clash of opinions on this book by its reviews on sites such as Forex Bastards. This book hopes to contribute to your journey towards your Aha!

Bird Watching in Lion Country

Day short-term traders should be cautious however of taking too broad a view. Then the market goes against them sr.dirk some time and they feel let down, upset, on the wrong side. Included is his popular 4×1 strategy to make money forex trading. I ask all my mentoring clients to describe systematically the journey up to the point they have decided to join my mentoring program.

Bird Watching In Lion Country By Dr Dirk Du Toit – VĂ­deo Dailymotion

It’s one of the best books on Forex I’ve ever read. Personal time frame Your personal time frame is the time you have given yourself to make money, for example, a month, a quarter or a calendar year.


In this market it is big money that moves prices up and down. Perspective, the word, means a way of regarding situations, facts and judging their relative importance. Those traders who require certainty, or who say that they trade only when they are certain that this or that will happen do not understand what trading is about.

They werent necessarily wiped out financially, just confused, low on enthusiasm, perplexed by the unbearable lightness of it all. I started looking at other techniques. I agree – technical analysis for dummies was also really good in my opinion – not just for dummies, for clever people too I think.

It blends well with information on babypips school since the school goes into more detail about techncal methods. You may even continue scalping if that is what you really enjoy, but with a different mind-set. I deal xountry indicators more fully in Part 4. He’s good on both trade and risk management.

People are not making money in droves because they are not even getting close to a point where they are indeed the purveyors of scientific effort to make a success of trading. What could it be? Trading systems are not bought of the shelf, installed in your brain and the money dropped into your bank account. Reading this book will contribute to yourgeneral market research and the development of a profitable business plan you can implement.