The Firebrand TF Mk IV is a Rank III British naval fighter with a battle rating of . The Blackburn Firebrand was developed from Air Ministry. The Blackburn B Firebrand was designed initially against Naval Specification N/40, which sought a single seat carrier-borne fighter for short-range. The Blackburn Firebrand demonstrates the difficulties encountered by many aircraft manufacturers when developing new aircraft during the.

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As I mentioned above, it will still be difficult to shoot anyone down even when not carrying external ordnance, so unless it gets dropped down below rank 16 which shouldn’t happen given how late the TF IV was introduced it will get massacred in every single battle.

Centaurus IX-powered Firebrand T. High altitude performance as well as zoom climbing is extremely poor due to the lack of engine injection or throttle. American Wildcats known as the Martlet in British service and the fast but somewhat fragile Supermarine Seafire had filled the gap, while the Corsair would actually make its debut as a carrier based aircraft with the Royal Navy early in Blackburn Aircraft – UK.

The Firebrand has a mediocre climb rate and good maximum speed. Mk IIIs were completed, and most were used for testing. Tempest Mk V Vickers P.

Areas covered include general ratings, speed assessments, and relative ranges based on distances between major cities. Meteor F Mk 8 G.

Mk I model before it, the TF.

Landing and taking off from a carrier. Views Read Edit View history. When using the Firebrand as a striker, it is recommended to side climb at the beginning of the match.


Mk IV became the first quantitative and somewhat definitive Firebrand in production with examples produced. Calling someone an avid viewer of this BS channel is the ultimate insult Unfortunately, handling is very poor with this aircraft.

It is possible that if it had the chance of combat active service it could have proved its success but it remains an important aircraft in naval military development. Sea Venom FAW Yes, the game is still in beta and yes, some of the flight mechanisms are not implemented yet e. The TF Mk II was an early version firebraand the Firebrand with a speed of only mph and was a very heavy aircraft when compared with its firebrnad shipboard fighters.

Blackburn Firebrand TF Mk. IV – Naval Aircraft – War Thunder – Official Forum

Dive brakes were installed on both the upper and lower wing assemblies for improved control. A variety of second-line squadrons were issued Firebrands of various marks for training or trials at one time or another. The original Sabre powered TF I could be a rankand its performance isn’t that far off the later Centaurus engined variants. At high speeds the Firebrand’s controls lock up and offensive manoeuvres are impossible. These cannons make short work of any fighter, bomber, or “soft” ground target.


I firebranf it as being a Mosquito, only betterfor what its worth, at dog fighting, probably making it a tier above in all honesty. It has quite a good view due to its decent bubble canopy. Over 8k it was a stellar performer. Mk 5A with hydraulically boosted ailerons to increase the aircraft’s rate of roll.


No flash was present and parts required little if any trimming in way of the runner area. Reference to the nose area on the art work indicates this very clearly the shape it should be. However as there are two of such parts one may cut the cockpit so blackkburn to fit it in the open position and expose even further the interior.

Blackburn Firebrand

This ended any change of the Firebrand F. The principal parts like the fuselage halves, tail plane, wing parts, cockpit interior parts, undercarriage legs and tail wheel, canons, tail hook, etc, are made of grey injection moulded plastic.

The new engine produced more torque than the Sabre, and rudder control was insufficient on takeoff with the full flaps needed for carrier use.

Graph average of miles-per-hour. Mk II made its maiden flight on 31 Marchand its first flight with a torpedo on 2 April, making it the first single-seat torpedo bomber in the world.

Here’s a performance test of a standard production PB done in Several of these components carry a fair amount of engraved panel lines that makes the kit all the more attractive in detail. How is being slow a bad thing?