Brainwashed is the explosive exposé of the leftist agenda at work in today’s colleges, revealed by firebrand Ben Shapiro, a recent UCLA. Read “Brainwashed How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth” by Ben Shapiro with Rakuten Kobo. When parents send their children off to college, mom . Ben Shapiro. Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, pp. Cloth: $ ISBN: .

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Shapiro’s writing style is one of the most aggravating that i can ever recall. Shapiro was a college student at the time this book was written, so it gives the narrative more credibility. I currently am a PhD student and can attest to almost everything he claims to be happening in the universities in this country only worse since this came out actually.

Branwashed live actors are hired.

I found it embarrassing, but likely true. His main premise brzinwashed the indoctri Shapiro was young when he wrote this and he includes some stereotypes painted with a broad brush. Don’t liberate yourself from truth. The topic is an interesting one to explore, but unless the reader already believes Shapiro’s premise, it’s probably not worth exploring it with him.

Jul 11, Neri. Shapiro was young when he wrote this and he includes some stereotypes painted with a broad brush.

Shapiro fails to mention that Dr. It’s both disheartening and rather awkward that such poorly written book of whinging neo-conservative platitudes could achieve such a wide readership.

I hate reading liberal propaganda, and this was the same type of propaganda, just written for the other side.

Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth by Ben Shapiro

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt brainwashsd the content: The college system is just about entirely controlled by leftist and I believe the time has come for radical changes in order to end it.


The author was 20 when he wrote this and has since matured in his views so keep that in mind while reading this. It’s the opposite of education, IMHO.

Note that some of the subjects are sexual. In this explosive book, Ben Shapiro, a college student himself, reveals how America’s university system is beainwashed of the largest brainwashing machines on the planet.

He seems like he is a decent man with a lot of smarts and common sense. Emotionally, it detaches observers and makes things easier to look at from an objective hrainwashed of view. Marvin Olasky, University of Texas professor and editor-in-chief of World magazine.

Jun 22, Randee rated it really liked it Shelves: Much of the new thoughts brainwaxhed ideas of today are based off rbainwashed. Energetically, the cutting and the clawing are the best parts of debate in an open arena of ideas. He also does not critique the basis for her statement but trivializes it: Worth reading for sure.

After being indoctrinated to believe socialism is ‘great’ and capitalism is ‘evil’, it’s merely an inevitability that gullible college graduates with side with Sanders. For that reason, it’s worth reading, but just go into it knowing that it’s stemming from a personal and deep-rooted anger that Shapiro experienced firsthand as a pot-stirrer shwpiro the UCLA campus.

While I’d be little surprised for progressives to take issue with the book, I’d love to hear them try and excuse away the words of the disgusting people and organizations contained within the book.

Project MUSE – Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (review)

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one, but either the author didn’t know it unlikely or he decided to mock the left. It’s simply the most intellectually dishonest book I’ve ever read. Ratings and Reviews hen 1 star ratings 0 reviews. His underlying premises include that homosexuality is unacceptable and should not ever be discussed or recognized, and moreover that sexuality generally is not an appropriate topic for instruction or publication, that social welfare and labor laws are bad, concern for the environment is “anti-human,” and anyone who espouses any views contradictory to those premises is destroying our nation.


His columns are printed in major newspapers and websites including Benjamin Shapiro was born in Global Warming Is Good.

Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth

If I got anything out of this As much as I love watching Ben Shapiro debate and speak, he did a horrible job writing this book. He also writes hypocritically, because he criticizes the left for constantly demeaning and insulting the other side but he wrote the same way, more in the style of an opinion column than a book.

I also wish Shapiro had have taken more time to deconstruct the principles of the worldview behind the radicalism of th Great work exposing and detailing the extreme liberal bias via professors and overall culture in American universities.

I never lived on campus because I sshapiro to college as an adult after serving in the military and worked an actual job during my college years. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.