First in an all-new paranormal romance series Caution: readers may feel the heat coming off the pages. They are the Sentinels Three races descended. Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars, book 1) by Shannon K Butcher – book cover, description, publication history. The Paperback of the Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars Series #1) by Shannon K. Butcher at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Boy is he in for a battle. Yeah, the Sentinels all think the demons did something to kill off their women. Drake is anxious because he feels the need to talk to Helen, or rather walk over to shannpn and be all alpha and force her to tell him who she is.

There were tons of creatures with different abilities, two different Sentinel races currently living in a fragile truce, the history of how the Sentinels came to be and a “mythological” ancient race living behind closed doors in fear of the Synestryn and refusing to help the Theronai help them, the secrets the Gray Lady was keeping though I have a pretty good idea what that wasthe mysterious resurfacing of Theronai females though they don’t know it yet etc.

They believe that Helen is a descendant of the Anathasians. There, she awakens a force more powerful and enticing than she could ever imagine. Handlers are a type of demon that use whips and fire to kill.

The first scene in this book was probably the first time I decided to DNF this. Corny romance, first series world building, alpha males, and decent fighting action scenes. Sadly, most of the female warriors were massacred sometime in the past and the men are now slowly dying off as a result.

Book Review: Shannon K. Butcher’s Burning Alive – KD Did It Edits

They have a truce with the Theronai now, and they provide healing for the Sentinels. Just a bjrning while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jun 10, Sky rated it it was ok.


Overall, I’m really pleased I discovered this series and am eager to read the next book. It’s a Sjannon Fantasy and I really enjoyed it! Was bummed when something bad happened to one of them, but won’t be continuing this series to read about the other one.

What a shame Shannon Butcher could not deliver something new and exciting to the paranormal world. I am glad to return butvher book to the library and avoid any future books as if they carried the plague She was emotionally strong in circumstances where most people would fall apart.

REVIEW: Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher

View all 29 comments. It had me thinking of Flash Gordon–and the various races that Flash encounters when he goes to Space in Dr.

But Lexi has one up on them.

The hero’s people are born with a tattoo of a tree [lifetree: I’m usually not very happy with series starters, because there is too much world-building and not enough action. SKB is a talented author who tells a story by releasing bits and pieces as you go I enjoyed the POVs from other characters as well.

She loves to volunteer and brings food to the sick and elderly. For one thing, she’s a tease: What makes it even worse is the women who are so doubtful of their sex appeal are always built like the proverbial brick shithouse.

Burning Alive

For a few special people, they have enough ancient blood that it manifests in various supernatural gifts. Drake and Helen’s romance was good. I’d like to see where this war with the Senestryn will go. Even though Helen was suffering from a phobia, I still couldn’t help but feel disappointed that she couldn’t do anything to help save him. The two men most reactive to Helen and Lexi, Drake and Zach, touch, press up against, trap, hold onto, and in various other ways, physically caress these women.


Finally, this whole concept seemed trite to me. Don’t whine about how fat and unattractive you are if you’re built like a Playboy centerfold! I thought that was pretty interesting. There are shajnon many problems going on that half way burnign I just didn’t even care anymore and just wanted to get done with the book. Lexi Johns is a waitress at the diner.

Butcher After spending too many years as an industrial engineer, Shannon K. As much as I appreciate dark tones in my books, I prefer them to be taken more seriously, not mentioned as casually as the weather.

Anyone who enjoys a good marriage will gutcher this. This one had, and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, a little too little world-building for the heap of information it smacked us with.

He would’ve been better prepared. I was so shocked when a character that I had grown to love from the beginning met a violent, grisly end. How long does each leaf on their tree last? But b 2 Potential-filled But Lackluster Stars This book was seemed butched be just on the verge of butchee good the whole time I was reading it You sympathy yawning yet?

Unfortunately Drake and Helen seem to be a rehash of every other paranormal series couple I have read in the past few years.

This was sort of glossed over in the book But when in one instance when someone’s very life depended upon her using fire she freaked out and this person suffered a truly unimaginable, horrible death.

Making an attempt to leave only gets her noticed by Theronai warrior Drake.