Dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive hardcover of Charles Stross’ Hugo award-winning. Welcome to the Stasis, the clandestine, near-omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross’s Hugo Award-winning novella, Palimpsest. Palimpsest. by Charles Stross. from Wireless (). Hugo Novella Winner Tags: Science Fiction, Hugo Winner, Novella.

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It opened around him, spinning out and engulfing him in scant milliseconds, almost too fast to see: Quite what the academics of Leng were supposed to do with these funds was never specified, nor was it necessary to say any more in order to get the blood boiling in the seminaries and colleges.

So, why is someone trying to assassinate him? So the Library is full of internally contradictory time lines. Wei shook palimpseest head minutely. Every ideology in every recorded history has an opposition.

The woman in red turned and sidestepped toward his bench, subvocalizing. Despite himself, Pierce was intrigued. And the burns, when they cut that suit away from you.

He peered at Pierce. I must confess to being perhaps a little biased as I love charrles time travel story, but what Science Fiction fan doesn’t have a soft spot for taking jaunts through history and the future?

He chewed on the thought, found it curiously lacking as an explanation for the agitation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Am I in free fall? We read all such dissertations, in the end. Something pushed at his side, and he felt a strange tipping motion.

He had held her as his wife and lover for nearly two decades-subjective, dwelt there and followed their ways as an honored noble guest for more than ten of those years: I chzrles probably file a bug report, although I’m not sure if that’s a bug per se. They walked along a twisting path between walls of shrubs and creepers, and a few short trees, growing from mounds of damp-smelling soil.


A million years pass as the sun brightens, and the rotating cloud of gas and dust begins to partition. Behind the angry sailor the priest-students were standing up, black robes flapping as they spread out, calling to one another. The volcano, two thousand kilometers farther around the curve of the planet, had been pumping ash and steam into the stratosphere for weeks.

Mad and fun ideas are strpss abundance in the book and I particularly enjoyed that it presented them strods after another and then the story ended. Hugo Award for Best Novella. Better by far to leave those tools by the wayside.

Berliner Weiss with Waldmeistersirup. Over the next billion years, Starship Earth and its dead star will rendezvous with the other components of their lifeboat fleet; an even hundred brown dwarf stars, ten to fifty times as massive as Jupiter and every last one dislodged and sent tumbling from its home galaxy by the robot probes of the Engineering Empires. Xiri, I need to go to the Final Library, Pierce told her, taking her hands in his and watching for signs of understanding.

The tip of your spear was fashioned by a slave in the royal armories, not by a warrior. And in any case, students had only patchy access to the records of their seniors.

Palimpsest – Charlie’s Diary

Pierce, letting his phone drive his feet, casually glanced around while his threat detector scanned through the chaff. They came to a clearing and instead of taking the track to the reading room, Torque took a different path.

The airless moon no longer filled the center of the wall; now it stretched across it from side to side, so close that there was barely any visible curvature to its horizon.


Stasis demands eternal vigilance, brothers and sisters. A quick, captivating read. Open Preview See a Problem?


Go to this location and wait, said the traitor voice, as a spatial tag nudged the corner of his mind. And then Superintendent-of-Scholars Manson will utter a sermon, along exactly the lines one would expect on such an occasion. A metallic cloud of smaller objects swarms in orbit around Europa, pinpricks of light speckling their surface.

Xiri sighed, then snuggled closer to him. I wish this was a full on novel because this was too short. Do you remember being me? I had a really challenging time keeping track of timelines and light cones, so I can see where some people would probably not be interested due to: But I— She hesitated, then stared at him, narrowing her eyes. Pqlimpsest Hegemony was geographically the largest of the great powers, unified by a set of common filing and monitoring protocols; but it was not a monolithic entity.

Pierce felt vaguely cheated. And to tell her when I first met her that her first pet—a cat named Chloe—died when a wild dog took her.

Charrles thought has indeed occurred to me. Still, a very intriguing story. In return, the Hegemony was altogether conscientious in observing their duties to the guardians of history, according Pierce honors that, in other ages, might have been accorded to a diplomat or minor scion of royalty.

Was failure to make tenure track justification for an honor killing?