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You get to appreciate him slowly and despite this silent contract or exchange of services between him and Riana, he still manages to be sweetly human and nice in subtle details.

The ending of this novella was really sweet and it was nice to see Riana and Cain get a happily ever after.

In this universe, the Coalition sentences every convicted criminal to life on a prison planet, regardless of ckaiming crime. So, here I am expecting a badass career criminal who sort of has to learn to be good for the woman he loves. Or in the case of Riddick, a stone cold remorseless killer turned sweet-ish.

Overall it was a good read.

The image below is what I found to be missing from this book. The one who does not stand out, fraternize or care and keeps to himself. View all 4 comments. Mason has been patient and understanding for long enough He has loved Kate all his life and he ll never share her with claiking else When his control finally breaks, he ll show Kate a dominant side of himself she has never imagined And he ll forever claim Kate as his.


Thanks Melanie for the review. My advice for you if you choose to read this story Les survivants Cher zqnnie de notre enfance: Epilogue was really good though and I thought they were adaams. A guard tells her that if she wants to survive, she should find the strongest man there and give herself to him in exchange for protection.

Yes she had to have sex with him but she was into it anyway, and he never raped her.

Claiming Kate by Zannie Adams

Although this was a Sci-Fi story there was very little Sci-Fi about it When put in a hard situation, she does what she needs to survive. It’s all the adamx punishment. Review For starters, the plot is simple to the point. Still entertaining but nothing to remember in a week.

Claiming Kate

He’s kaet romantic, he doesn’t talk much and is a sweet mixture between animal and robotic. Luckily for Riana, Cain leaves his cell long enough to accept her offer, rescuing her from Thorn and all the other lowlifes.

There’s a ton of sex while things don’t happen. Books by Zannie Adams. The sex scenes in this book are front and center in the story, as expected, but zannnie “harmless”. This was truly awful. She looks to an alternative, a lone man with his own bed and toilet, which are enclosed in kste private cell.

One day, Mason comes home to his cousin hitting on Kate and enough is enough: Somehow it worked for me and I liked the characters and cheered for them and their relationship.


Claiming Kate Zannie Adams Epub To Mobi | liedreamgolf

Could have been an epic story,turned to be okeyish. I don’t know how I feel at the end of this story. He’s so hot he’s smoking!! The arrogant alpha male makes a point of telling her and everyone around that he’ll take her in if she gives him what he wants. The ONLY sannie cell left existing in the whole place.

To view it, click here. After being led back to his cell, Riana is locked inside with him, slightly nervous about the deal she just made, but knowing she wouldn’t survive without him. Ailime rated it liked it Jan 12, Kkate a women with no combat or survival skills, she knows she mu Hello readers!

He just can’t hold a candle to a hottie like Riddick. A small amount of well written plot clwiming between too many sex scenes. The prisoners are all housed together in katr Hold. She has lived in eight different states, had far too much graduate-level education, and generally done her best not to settle down. So there wasn’t a whole lot to read into emotionally wise.

I’ve never read anything by this author before, but she clearly has a way to write interesting story with likable characters. Who does not like free things?