The Smallest Woman in the World” is a short story written by Clarice Lispector which is centered on a character named “Little Flower” by a. The story can be seen as a magic realist story because the author talks about two figurative worlds that exist at the same time without being. yet another box-among the smallest pygmies in the world, he found the Marcel Pretre came face to face with a woman no more than 90 Clarice Lispector.

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This disruption of expectation about maternity is heightened by the casual cynicism with which the narrator dismisses the inevitable high infant mortality llspector the Likoualas: Frequently, her fiction demonstrates the impediments to female autonomy in a male-dominated society. And how many times we will kill out of love.

These lines get at the core of Lispector, so far:. One female reader turns away: In a typical Lispector denouement after this epiphany, the mother retreats from the brute nature of love that the photograph of Little Flower has exposed. Notify me of new comments via email. We read it in Family Ties. Remember me on this computer.

Then she looked at her clever son as if looking at a dangerous stranger. Claroce story recommendations from dlarice week.

The Reading Life: “The Smallest Woman in the World” by Clarice Lispector ()

Newer Post Older Post Home. A greed for knowledge the explorer claice understand; greed for love the women who despise Little Flower know from their own lives. Considered the ferocity with which we want to play. Click here to sign up.


This mother recognizes both the necessity and the hollowness of her carefully structured life. And she felt horror at her own soul that, more than her body, had engendered that being fit for life and happiness.

The woman is 44 centimeters just over 17 inchesshe is pregnant and black. She considered the cruel necessity of loving. Yet, some of the ths fail to keep that self-protective distance from the pathetic female in the photograph.

The reader is left with a feeling of suspense since the story is detailed and provoking with the addition of intriguing epiphanies and explanatory internal monologues, but liwpector ultimately largely anti-climactic and fragmented which generates hesitation and thought in the reader. Brazil has its own very complicated history of race relations in a once slave based economy and it would take some pondering how one should take this, I think.

Life is a double bind trap, a cruel joke on those who understand the masks they must wear and a reduction of us all to a much smaller person than we could be. No, Little Flower responds with an unselfconscious gesture that could only be interpreted as extremely rude in M.

However, her toilette concludes with her defeated admission that for years this disguise, this civilized female mask, has failed to subdue her dark desires.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Well, as I always say: For the short story reader.

Our newest weekly issues. This site uses cookies. And te laugh becomes a private joke between the reader and the narrator, who now replays this encounter with the unknown from the perspective of Little Flower. The image of Little Flower stamped onto the pages of the Sunday newspaper evokes disgust, uneasy dread, and condescension.


Part of the deeper themes of Lispector I see emerging is the need for people, women in particular, to hide from the true nature of their lives.

Pretre, careful, reasonable man of the world that he is, who would never imagine that Little Flower is ecstatic with satisfaction because she has not been devoured by so large a creature, a fate common to her tribe of Likoualas when netted by the carnivorous Bahundes. The flat nose, the black face, clarrice splay feet.

“The Smallest Woman in the World” – “A Menor Mulher do Mundo”- by Clarice Lispector

This passage shows another example of longing to possess Ths Flower and use her as an object or treat her as non-human. And she considered the malignity of our desire for happiness.

Her realization is a characteristic Lispector epiphany: Through signals, Little Flower reveals to M. The story line then returns to the slightly claustrophobic domestic scenes of Lispector when a picture of the woman appears in the Sunday Paper and a people begin to talk about her.