Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. could always spot a liar. (he called it “primary perception”) that could detect and respond to human thoughts. Primary Perception has 47 ratings and 13 reviews. Linda Branham said: After reading a chapter about Cleve Backster in Derrick Jensen’s a Language Older t. Primary Perception: Look Into. „The Secret Life of Plants‟. (Part 1 of 2). An interview with Cleve Backster and a look at his seminal work on primary perception.

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Whatever the case, Backster’s idea has blossomed and flourished, and is unlikely to die away. Unexpectedly, the plant showed readings similar to those of a human.

These discoveries have opened up bcakster n This is the only book by Cleve Backster himself, describing 36 years of research in biocommunication, observed electrical responses in plant life and other living organisms. Views Read Edit View history.

The Man Who Talked to Plants: Cleve Backster

Had a mini debate with someone about plants and their ability to feel pain, emotion, etc. Scientific Truth Verification, Lie Detection.

Just primarry moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Can’t wait to read The Secret Life of Plants a companion book of sorts in the same field. Jun 13, rachel rated it liked it. Even today, Backsters PDD question protocols rank amongst the most widely used worldwide.

From the analysis of the variation of the cell membrane potential of plants under different circumstances, he hypothesized that plants can “feel pain, understand affection etc” and wrote two books about it in and Cleve Backster in This sounds like an extraordinary claim. In FebruaryBackster attached polygraph electrodes to a Dracaena cane plantto measure at first the time taken for water to reach the leaves.


Soviet scientists invited him to chair a panel at the first Primzry Association conference in Prague. Nov 03, Anne Ward rated it liked it Shelves: See 1 question about Primary Perception….

Part of me has always felt they are no different than humans or animals in regards to their basic response to pain, emotion etc.

Cleve Backster

Cleve Backster is a top scientist in his field who will likely be recognized after he is gone clevr an almost mystical character, like Einstein, Da Vinci or Tesla. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Backster explained that they did not follow the exact laboratory techniques which he had used to perform the original experiments and he has not attempted to repeat them himself.

Archived from the original on The results seemed to demonstrate that “primary perception” could be measured in all living things, echoing the beliefs of hindus, buddhists and new agers Backster’s findings are not without their critics. Apr 14, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: Backster wondered if the plant would effect the polygraph in other ways. Eldon Taylor rated it it was amazing Nov 05, These measure galvanic skin response – electrical conductivity – and should, he thought, have registered a change when water reached the leaf.

It is highly likely that this is what Cleve Backster detected nearly fifty years earlier on his rudimentary polygraph tests. Backster was a former CIA agent, FBI trainer and world-renowned polygraph expert who had a curious and playful streak in him that fateful morning.

Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells

Repeatability is a constant problem – his results, and those of others who tried the experiments,seem to be spontaneous, refusing to comply with approved scientific method.

But they do have perceptlon electrical currents flowing through them and are subject to outside manipulation.


The instrument registered no change in the plant and the myth was considered as “busted” in that episode. Jenifer rated it really liked it Apr 18, Primary Perception details Backster’s astounding discovery that the cells of our body–even when removed and observed at a distance–somehow receive the “messages” of our thoughts. A few were wise enough to examine his work, and found it worthy.

I think Backster’s work is intriguing and I’m very curious about what it all means and how valid it is. Burt Jurgens rated it it was amazing Dec 21, He dipped a leaf into warm coffee. Martin Diers rated it it was amazing Jun 14, The research demonstrates evidence that plants can indeed communicate with each other, and they do so by using nano-mechanical sound waves.

Forensic Psychophysiology Using the Polygraph: Curious to measure how long it took water to reach the leaves of a dracaena cane plant, Backster attached polygraph electrodes to it. Preview — Primary Perception by Cleve Backster.

Amazing what general public is not aware of. Although the exact mechanism is still being explored, the fact remains that plants are sensitive to extremely subtle vibrations produced by any number of environmental stimuli from music to other sentient beings—even thoughts. Dec 15, Johnny rated it it was amazing. It’s worth reading, but you probably won’t enjoy reading it so much as thinking about the implications of what you’ve read.

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