Below are some common fault codes for Mitsubishi Ecodan and Daikin Altherma air to water heat pumps. If you need help interpreting the error code or fixing.

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If the power has been turned on before the vacuuming has been done, first setting must be used. Replace the fuse F4U. With this subcode we can distinguish if the error is related to the RA or Ra circuit. Be sure to turn the power on 6 hours before starting operation to protect compressors. When relocating the equipment, make sure that the new installation site has sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the equipment. B M1F M2F Inverter fan Since the system is of air heat exchanging type, the fan is operated at 8 9 -step rotation speed by using the inverter.

After the procedure the blocked buttons will not be available anymore. When activated, the protector has to be reset on the heater of the heater kit by pressing the white button for access, remove the cover of the kit. The pump can operate at different speed: System impedance Specifications 7 Specifications 1. If not, the addition cannot be recognized.

If a malfunction occurs, replace the remote controller Set one remote control to “MAIN”; the power supply off once and then back on. For example, when you save field settingthe other field settings of group 8,will be saved as well. This function can only be activated by the schedule timer button and this icon should be led.

In this mode water heats up during the night when space heating requirements are lower until the storage set point. The meaning of each icon is described in the table below: The w icon will start blinking with 1 second intervals.


Replace the inverter PC board A2P. For a detailed explanation about simultaneous request of space heating and domestic water heating, see control chapter.

Daikin Altherma HT Service manual |

Keep the unit operating for 20 minutes and check the domestic hot water tank temperature through the remote controller again. Progression code Push the button. After keeping the system under that condition for more than 1 hour, check if the vacuum gauge rises or not.

NO After connecting, turn the power off and then back on again. The 3-way valve will switch altherms to space heating mode for the interval period setting [d].

R3T Replace the low pressure sensor.

When you save a field setting by pressing the pr button, the complete field setting group will be saved. The Law stipulates standards and vefaut that must be followed to prevent accidents with highpressure gases.

sianglag – Code defaut daikin altherma pdf

The domestic water heating will continue until the reheat maximum temperature is reached. It is therefore recommended to leave the auto restart function enabled. If lower orange light does not light up, purge the air out of the system. NO Faulty heat radiation of power unit Air suction opening blocked Dirty radiator fin High outdoor temperature Check heat conductive paste Properly connect.

Malfunction of Tank Thermistor R2T This symbol indicates a prohibited action. To resolve the error codes, see “Error codes”. Printed circuit board defect A5 Indoor unit LT: Impulsions bouton pour faire dfiler les les jours jusqu lundi mon.

Push the ba button again to leave this mode. Malfunction of transmission between the remote controllers main and sub controller RA. Incorrect combination of indoor printed circuit board or capacity adapter not installed RA. This function can only be activated by the shower button.


It will prevent the unit from switching too much between thermo ON operation and thermo OFF operation when using the remote controller room thermostat or external room thermostat. Faulty electronic expansion valve control Faulty outdoor unit electronic expansion valve [In heating] If the outdoor unit electronic expansion valve excessively throttled: This makes that the temperature of the hot water from the domestic hot water tank may be lower to reach the same water mixing temperature from the shower or bath mixing tap.

Le systeme daikin altherma basse temperature conserve ses.

Wrong setting may cause malfunction. Faulty drainage can cause the water to enter the room and wet the furniture and floor.

daukin Setting of outdoor PC board was not conducted after replacing to spare parts PC board. Refrigerant piping See the chart below. Consequently, even if the PC board is replaced, it may get faulty again. W U C- Not less than 0. The pump of the indoor unit will be started, but heating itself is done by the heater kit.

Mitsubishi Ecodan & Daikin Altherma Fault Codes / Error Codes

When pushing the y button The schedule timer for space heating will stop when active at that moment and will start again at the next scheduled ON function. I want to encourage one to continue your great posts, have a nice evening! Download pdf similar pages defakt code description codes dfauts typiques altherma code dfaut cause lanomalie mesure corrective problme dbit deau.

The internal fan rotates at a high speed, and cause injury.