David Kilcullen is one of the world’s most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas “are. David Kilcullen is one of the world’s most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas are. Counterinsurgency by David Kilcullen. Scribe Publications Pty Ltd ISBN: David Kilcullen is the author of the.

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Nagl and Gian P. The actions of individuals and the propaganda effect of a subjective “single narrative” may far outweigh practical progress, rendering counter-insurgency even more non-linear and unpredictable than before.

Why I finished it: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indeed, his vision of modern warfare powerfully influenced the United States’ decision Lists with This Book.

Counterinsurgency – David Kilcullen – Google Books

Retrieved 16 January Oct 27, Tari rated it it was ok. The author gives examples of successful and failed counterinsurgency actions and makes recommendations for an approach to fighting a worldwide insurgency rather than fighting a war on terror alone.

Apr 16, Calvin Sun rated it liked it Shelves: Kilcullen’s book will aid those with a foundation in classical counterinsurgency theory as well as a general knowledge of the U.

And it was dating quite quickly.

Paperbackpages. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. This brief book distills that vision in an easily readable and practical format, through a completely revised and updated edition of his cult classic “The Twenty-Eight Articles”, a field practitioner’s guide to the fundamentals of counterinsurgency, which has become the essential handbook for generations of allied military officers and civilian officials in Iraq and Afghanistan, has become part of the course of instruction at military academies and counterinsurgency schools worldwide, and has been translated into Arabic and Spanish.


The paper’s publication history is an illustration of new methods of knowledge propagation in the military-professional community. Want to Read saving….

It was a collection of previously written articles collected in a single volume, with notes to update them to It’s the counterinsufgency in a long time that I have to say that about, fiction or non-fiction. Jan 28, Mike rated it really liked it.

His ideas had a lot to do with the “surge” in Iraq at the end of the bush presidency and he was one of the primary authors of the militarys official counterinsurgency manual, which i would love to get my hands on. Jun 02, William J. The emergence of a Muslim caliphate that is directly opposed to the West is no small undertaking and requires a substantial degree of analysis and evidence before national security policy can developed in anticipation of it. Feb 15, Bruinrefugee rated it really liked it Shelves: Royal Military College, Duntroon.

The nature of insurgency has changed since the s, 60s and 70s.

Counterinsurgency David Kilcullen No preview available – Kilcullen was seconded to the United States Department of Defense inwhere he wrote the counter-terrorism strategy for the Quadrennial Defense Review that appeared in A fascinating glimpse into the evolving mind of a soldier who has had an extraordinary impact upon armed western foreign policy across the past decade and a half.

I’m learning that I should read every word Kilcullen writes.

May 20, Joe rated it liked it Shelves: While Kilcullen’s emphasis on a population-centric approach to COIN, the importance alleviating suffering for the populace may be overstated.


Retrieved 26 June Now this isn’t to say that this could change. Kilcullen was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Australian Army and served in a number of operational, strategic, command, and staff positions countwrinsurgency the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and Australian Defence Force.


In many ways applicable to non-combat but otherwise counterinsrugency environments and populations. Here is a picture of modern warfare by someone who has had his boots on the ground in some of today’s worst trouble spots-including Iraq and Afghanistan-and who has been studying counterinsurgency since The American public and American military has been for years not very effective with fighting counterinsurgency and there are a variety of reasons for this.

In an interview with Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent inKilcullen called the decision to invade Iraq “fucking stupid” and suggested that if policy-makers apply his manual’s lessons, similar wars can be avoided in the future.

Kilcullen, one of the leading counterinsurgency analysts, provides a wealth of information for COIN practitioners that stems from extensive hands-on experience.

David Kilcullen

Includes a previously unpublished essay entitled “Measuring Progress in Afghanistan”, which Kilcullen wrote for McChrystal counterinsurrgency his recent field work in Afghanistan. It is a propaganda war and he who has the most compelling message and ideas wins. While in my youth I had read classic works such as Defeating Communist Insurgency: