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Selective recognition of acetylated histones by bromodomain proteins visualized in living cells. The positions of the GFP-Brdt fusion proteins in the input and immunoprecipated materials are indicated by red arrows. First, phosphorylation of H3T11 appears to be a key modification during meiosis, and requires the meiotic-specific kinase Mek1. The K8ac side chain is recognized by BD1 primarily through hydrophobic contacts: C Sporulation efficiency data for different H3K56 mutants.

Di-acetylation was identified on K5 and K16, 6. B Structure du bromodomaine de Gcn5 et du chromodomaine de HP1. All of these efforts will hopefully lead to the establishment of the first molecular models for post-meiotic male genome reprogramming. Residues identical to Brdt-BD1 are highlighted. Brdt is a major determinant in the establishment of spermatocyte identity Having established that Brdt has the potential to control a specific gene expression program, we decided to exploit our transcriptomic data to uncover the characteristics of Brdt-regulated genes.

Recognition does not seem to involve protein oligomerization, as both BD1 and dc-sbrdt are monomeric in solution Supplementary Fig.

Both acetyl-lysine side chains point into the BD1-binding pocket: They bring important new concepts, which together significantly increase our understanding of the functions of the BET proteins in general, and of the biology of male gametes, in particular, with many new translational applications.

J Reprod Dev Indeed, as shown previously Recht et al. The bromodomains of CBP and p bind the transcription factor MyoD by recognizing a motif acetylated either on Lys 99 or on both Lys 99 and Lys refs 21, Refer to C and Figure 1C for details on the color-coding. Front and two different lateral views are presented.


Compaction activity is ATP-independent, is enhanced by a carboxy-terminal truncation that removes the ET domain, and requires integrity of BD1 ref. Functional integrity of Brdt’s C-terminal “Brd4-like” domain is required for spermatocyte survival when the protein is first expressed at the onset of meiosis.

Thus, we used a strain in which IPL1 is expressed under the control of the CLB2 promoter, which is active during vegetative growth, but is rapidly repressed upon induction of sporulation Monje-Casas et al. Brdt associates with hyperacetylated histone H4 ref. H3-acK18 Brdt residues Histone residues in peptide H4: H3 phosphorylation on Ser 10 is detected during meiosis and then disappears, followed by H4 phosphorylation on Ser 1.

Work in the S. None of these genes are expressed in spermatogonia, in agreement with the absence of Brdt expression in these cells Figure 1.

Ribbon diagram showing an alignment of the BD1 magenta and BD2 blue structures, with their peptide ligands in green and cyan, ocurs. These experiments indicate that the tag alters critical functions of Brdt, as soon as the protein is expressed in early spermatocytes. The BD2 structure was solved by molecular replacement with Phaser 26 using the ygcn5 bromodomain as search model.

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The antibodies used were as follows: BRDT was recently identified as the first factor capable of binding to hyperacetylated histone H4. Knock-in through homologous recombination in ES cells is described in detail in the extended experimental procedures.

Les lecteurs du code histone Brdt requires its first bromodomain, BD1, to prime the transcription of genes in meiotic cells, which become fully active in early post-meiotic cells. Indeed, because of the recognition of acetylated histones by bromodomains, which are structural modules of amino acids capable of interacting with acetylated lysines [28], factors containing these domains appear to be the first-choice candidates for interaction with acetylated histones in elongating spermatids and mediatation of their removal.

The identification of the first factor capable of reading a precise combination of histone acetylation marks, BRDT, allowed highlighting a critical role for the genome-wide histone hyperacetylation that occurs before generalized histone replacement. Plasmids within the strain collection were recovered and sequenced to confirm the mutations. A RNA was extracted from testes at the indicated postnatal ages and the expression of three meiotic genes Ccna, H1t and Hspa2 Dix et al.


Niveaux d organisation de la chromatine. Prytard Paul disait qu’il viendrait I j-c.

Compartimentalisation de la chromatine. Whole genome gene expression profiles of purified spermatocytes and round spermatids isolated from adult wild type testes in two independent experiments were established, and the expression patterns of the BD1-dependent Brdt-activated genes were measured.

Pour obtenir le grade de. Arrêté ministériel : 7 août Jonathan GAUCHER

BD1 exhibits the standard bromodomain fold All the genes requiring Brdt to be active in spermatocytes are predominantly expressed in testis and, according to their pattern of expression, can be divided into two cous categories. The secrets of histone disappearance occurrence of events known to destabilize chromatin higher-order structures and the nucleosomes themselves during stages preceding the synthesis and incorporation of small basic DNA-packaging proteins.

Je serais ce bienheureux coupable? The four p residues were modelled by homology to CBP. Analysis of mice lacking both TPs gave surprising results. This work also highlights another aspect of the Brd4-like nature of Brdt, by the demonstration of the presence of Brdt in the ptefb complex in spermatogenic genetiqe.

J Biol Gdnetique Our early studies indicated that the protein has two functional bromodomains and possesses the extraordinary capability of specifically condensing hyperactylated chromatin [Pivot- Pajot et al.

Pour obtenir le grade de. Arrêté ministériel : 7 août Jonathan GAUCHER – PDF

Concluding remarks This minireview highlights the fact that, although the question of the mechanisms controlling genome-wide histone replacement has been raised many times geneyique many investigators, very few studies have specifically aimed at the identification of the principal actors.

Par exemple, le variant d histone H3. Beyond these observations, however, little is known about the chromatin transactions that occur during this process.

Nature Letter, publication 1 octobre.

Original magnification, e, Tandem svu spectrometry MS analysis confirms the presence of histone H4 tetra-acetylated on lysines 5, 8, 12 and 16 in post-meiotic spermatids. Mol Cell Proteomics 1, Zhao, R.