DACONIL Product Label ( KB) · DACONIL Environmental Information Sheet ( KB) · DACONIL Safety Data Sheet ( KB). Notification for Label Revisions under PRN and Environmental Product Name: Ortho Daconil Multipurpose Fungicide. Daconil® Fungicide Concentrate and its easy-to-use measuring cap make Read the product label for listed diseases and follow application instructions.

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Garden Tech Daconil Fungicide Concentrate

Qty bottle 16 oz. Will Daconil restore my ligustrum with leaf spot and mildew? I would call it one of my go-to products—one of the products I would keep on adconil shelf and use throughout the year, not fungicidde one particular time of year. Perennial ryegrass was first adopted by turfgrass managers because of the better tolerance to fairway and tee mowing heights versus Kentucky bluegrass. The chlorothalonil addressed dollar spot, which is a disease that we constantly battle in the summer; and the acibenzolar enhanced turf quality, which meant a healthy, dense stand of turf with good color.

It’s rain-proof protection you can trust.

Daconil Weatherstik Fungicide | GreenCast | Syngenta

You can access the label here and print for you records. We do have a product called Bonide Fruit Tree Spray which is labeled for use on apple trees as well as other edibles, and is an insecticide, fungicide and more in one.

Product Overview Garden Fungiciide Daconil Fungicide kills and prevents more than 80 types of plant diseases. The protein boost allows you to keep the rates low and improve the health of the turfgrass at the same time.


What is different about Daconil Action? Fine spray required for proper coverage; use a hose-end sprayer for best results. Use with a hand-held, hose-end or tank-type sprayer. Buy 2 or more: Yes No 18 of 18 people found this review helpful.

Read the product label for listed diseases and follow raconil instructions thoroughly. Wear waterproof gloves during handling and application. See all 52 customer questions.

Keep fungal disease out of your garden – Daconil® Fungicide Contentrate

Apply on calm days, with no rain predicted for 24 hours to prevent drifting or runoff. With this new lower application rate, you get an extra month of peace-of-mind regarding what’s beneath your feet.

When applied, Acibenzolar-S-methyl triggers the natural defense response, or the Systemic Acquired Labsl SARof the turfgrass by activating production of pathogenesis-related proteins PR proteins. Was this review helpful to you? Yes, if used as directed on label. Thus, Acibenzolar-S-methyl bridges the gap between genetic resistance and conventional disease control by activating the plant’s own natural defenses.

Use at the first sign of fungal disease or as a preventative treatment. Up to 64 gallons Shipping Weight: Email Customer Service For help with your order.

I had peace of mind that my greens were covered during fungicids stress times. The PR protein boost awakens the turf’s resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses like drought. That’s 33 percent more than generic products.

Makes up to 64 gallons of diluted spray.

Fungicids are now in the middle of the month of May and I have no black spot on my roses. It can be used on flowers, vegetables, fruit, and shade trees, and shrubs to control problems such as leaf spots, blights, rust, mildew, and fruit rot, and many others. The Dos Shake well before using Mix in a hand-held, fungicid, or tank-type sprayer Wear a long-sleeved shirt and gloves when mixing and using Apply thoroughly on plant surfaces Apply when the air is calm The Do-Nots Do not use on home lawns Do not use on turf sites Do not spray plants during extremely hot and sunny weather Do not apply to wilted plants Do not use on pets or where spray could drift near people.


Thoroughly spray to cover all plant. Pour measured concentrate into the sprayer, add the recommended amount of water for the plant type, and mix well. Use this labl to help choose the right fungicide for optimal control.

Daconil Action Fungicide

They were sprayed yesterday and the spray may have been blown onto the cukes. Are vegetables safe to eat after Garden Tech Daconil Fungicide Concentrate is sprayed near tomato plants?

Apply every days to maintain. Always water early in the day and avoid overhead watering to discourage the onset and spread of disease.

Keep people and pets out of treated areas until spray dries. Daconil Action may seem like magic, but the process of boosting the turf’s natural defenses is very real.