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In a Johnson counter, the final output is complemented inverted and applied to the first D input, making a closed ring.

This dial can be used equally well for hours, minutes and seconds. There are 5 items available.

It is important to get the bits in the correct order when constructing a circuit. Pulses to be counted are applied to the clock input of the first flip-flop, which toggles on every pulse. The Nixies must be supplied with at least V on the anode, and this is the source of any difficulty. Comparing with my watch, the variation was no greater than one second over the test period. It is also possible to clock the higher counter and reset at any value of N.

It is the enable that is the trick. The time is accurate enough for general public use, however, and the generating authority may specify how closely it agrees with Standard Time. The counter will not count unless both are high.

National Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

However, this one is easy to breadboard and test, and brings out the essentials. The principle of the master-slave flip-flop datashdet shown at the left. Again, this is a standard problem in digital design, but it is seldom worthwhile to make datxsheet own.


It is not difficult to make a Nixie clock, so if you are interested the project will be enjoyable. Any data presented to the first D input is shifted down the line of flip-flops one stage for each clock, and eventually appears at the output of the final flip-flop.


Therefore, the outputs should be buffered if they drive anything other than CMOS. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

It is possible to perform some interesting counting tricks with these flexible counters and a little logic. Add to Watch list.

Production dayasheet does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. For example, if an 8-bit ripple counter is atthe 7l4s93 clock produces, and so on before finally reachingthe next static state. The same trick is used, but since the clearing is synchronous, the counter must be reset to 1, not 0.

Except for a common clear control, these two sections are independent, and can be used separately.

New other see details. If we want a larger counter, LS’s can be cascaded synchronously. The chip designers have done an excellent job in making the 74A a reliable device, and it is easy to use.


74ls933 do this, the clocks of all the counters are connected together, so that all counters that are enabled count at 74l93 same time.

For our experiments, just leaving them unconnected is equivalent to tying them high. The circuit is shown at the left. Seconds are not displayed for simplicity, since adding a seconds display would be considerable trouble and would contribute nothing new.

74LS93 Datasheet PDF –

A similar technique can be used with synchronous counters, but there is no such rowdiness. Counting proceeds while the “halt” input, connected to the CEP pins, is high, stops when it is pulled low. The LS and LS have an asynchronous clear, like the LS90, so if we had been using one of them, we would have had a modulo-8 counter as expected.

A shift register is a series of flip-flops with each output Q connected to the next input D, and the clock inputs connected together. Test the counter by putting kHz on the clock, and you should read 74lls93 kHz at Q G. The LS versions of these chips are edge sensitive. Add to Watch list Watching. At the same time, the seconds counter is reset to 1. To test a toggle flip-flop or other counter circuits, a debounced pushbutton is essential.