Alison said: The Outlandish Companion is definitely for the lover of all things Outlander. #1 New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon has captivated. The perfect holiday gift for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss The Outlandish Companion Volume Two! #1 New York. The perfect holiday gift for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss the revised and updated first volume of The Outlandish.

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Quaint and picturesque enough to satisfy the incipient obses Interesting enough in parts, but mostly for reference. And most of all we loved that she intends for there to be a happy ending to this massive tale Merci beaucoup, mon amie. The introduction to this book chronicles Gabaldon’s journey to becoming a ficion writer quite a leap, considering her ocmpanion in zoology and comic books This includes sex, language, homosexuality not oytlandish, this section was the most extensiveabortion, wife-beating, and a couple of other minor issues.

The Outlandish Companion Volume Two by Diana Gabaldon | : Books

Louise Penny Methadone List: It would also be useful for culture and history buffs or those who simply want to learn more about the settings, cultures, medical practices, etc. This audiobook is narrated by Davina Porter, as well as author Diana Gabaldon. I expected more information here.

Caitriona Balfe is nominated for a Golden Globe! You’ve got to love a girl who writes: In this beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Outlandish, Gabaldon covers the first four novels of the main series, including: Quaint and picturesque enough to satisfy the incipient obsession I am developing with all things Outlander-ish.

We loved hearing the author plans to write a prequel about Jamie’s parents! She has obviously put a lot of thought into how this time travel thing would outlandihs if, indeed, it were real. Now, these essays have all appeared in one place or another on the internet, though the first three were originally done as blog-posts, and thus have been formalized and tidied up a bit for their appearance in the OC I.


Covering the first four books in the series, TOC is a terrific reference to keep by your side as the cast commpanion characters expands exponentially over the course of the series.

We enjoyed very much discovering some of the finer points of the author’s research which led to some of the details of the books, such dizna there really being a James Fraser, a Madam Hildegard and others.

Reading the book straight through dianaa I did made the repetitions from one section to the next stand out more, but in all fairness, I think the author was simply trying to be thorough in her explanations for those readers who might pick and choose individual sections to peruse based on their riana. This is a list of other books she recommends to readers who are looking for something else to read while waiting for the next Outlander installment to be released, and there are quite a few interesting titles on it.

The Outlandish Companion: Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn

I’ve skimmed a few other similar “companion” books, but found that they were much better used as a tool to refer back to – not something to curl up with and read just for pleasure. In this beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Outlandish, Gabaldon covers the first four novels of the main series, including: You can see the video here.

Gabaldon shares her reasoning behind the inclusion of various elements in the story, which some readers have found offensive. outlzndish

Then there are pages of bibliographies – boring and other than an historian, who would read these pages? From the moment Claire Randall stepped through a standing stone circle and was thrown back in time to the year —and into a world that threatens life, limb, loyalty, heart, soul, and everything else Claire has—readers have been hungry to know everything about this world and gabadlon inhabitants, particularly a Scottish soldier named Jamie Fraser.


I thought it had many interesting bits, but also a bunch that I didn’t care to read and that’s ok! Not so with this one.

However, it was such a small part of the story, it never detracted from my overall enjoyment of Outlanderand I’m also willing to admit that maybe I took it the wrong way. It was released on October 27, in the U. A skim re-read because my interest in genealogy etc is pretty limited. But did we really need Gabaldon’s reprinting of reviews and fan mail?

Let me remain blissfully uninformed!

Outlandish Observations: OUTLANDISH COMPANION FAQ

I enjoyed this book especially the glossory and pronunciation guide. Gabaldon’s own site which of course has a new URL with her own name as the domainand the Ladies of Lallybroch. It just goes to show what a skillful writer Diana Gabaldon really is. Since it contains whole book summaries and a full character index Why can’t I find these books now?

The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated)

I stopped in the middle of this book because it was ruining the magic for me. Excellent, and a must-have companion for the series. A reader who has never laid eyes on Diana Gabaldon’s series will no doubt find interest in the sections outlanndish delve into her writing technique and research, past career in academia, and the sprinkling of folk lore.