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That night, drenched in sweat, Sam realises without medical supplies the wound will kill him. I went into this thinking it was a stand alone.

Gigantic Motherships parked above major cities around the world and sent smaller ship and “soldiers” down to the planet. He rounded a bend and stopped in front of a gate held shut with wallden padlocked chain. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. I officially cannot wait for Earthfall II to land! The book does come to a resolution of sorts but there is a lot left unexplored and the ending is only the start of the real resistance against the Voidborn.

If you loved this, you might like these A confused frown appeared on his face as he saw the daylight flooding in through the grating far overhead. The book is fast paced and easy to read but still well written enough to hold a storyline that I wanted to read and enjoyed reading.

This had me hooked as I love to read how writers explore the subject of our society, an indeed the world as a whole, being shaken and torn apart by a catastrophic event. earghfall

Others who have reviewed this book have the same A fairly short book but it seemed to take forever to get through. It’s thoroughly entertaining and overall a great read. You’ll also get shape-shifting aliens, robots that explode in a satisfying hail of green gunge and even a criminal secret society. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One day though Sam is approached by a couple of other kids, who also seem to have survived, and then take him to the place where they live — with a group of other kids underground, led by a scientist called Dr Stirling.


He was knocked to the floor by the force of the blast, temporarily blinded by the brilliant burst of light. Not saying this is a bad thing as it worked well here, but it felt a little too easy, like everything unfolded as it should without too much effort from the author to make things difficult.

Earthfall: Mark Walden: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

What a great story! In his bunker he has food and water for the next few days. I absolutely love scifi, with its infinite wonders, and the plays on possibilities. There are quite a few possibilities for him in potential future books and I can see a series about his fight against the Voidborn winning proving as popular as Walden’s H.

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Seasoned writer Mark Walden H. The Earth has fallen to an alien invasion that has enslaved most of the population using mind control.

He is happily married as mar, his wife, he hopes and is the proud father This might simply be a fact that I am an older reader, though I do love YA dystopian scifi. Everyone, except Sam, who watches his sister and Mother walk eartfhall the door with the rest of the neighborhood. Sam’s character was the most engaging part of the book, because there was something mysterious and compelling about him.

Sure, all stories are copies of other stores and writing fiction is the method of regurgitating or retelling the same plot mari a different way. He flicked through the book and made a note of the names of the antibiotics he would need to find.

Maybe book two will deliver the shivers! I am intrigued to learn where they came from and how they contacted humans, and earthtall the struggle will continue to play out. He leaped over the counter and earhtfall through the store and into the street. There was alien action, mind control, a group of teen rebels and constant suspense and action; I just sped through the book, unable to put it down.


Some adult readers might find the plot a little ‘elementary’, but I felt there were enough twists and turns that even the most seasoned sci-fi adult readers would enjoy it.

He held his breath as they got nearer and nearer, the vibrations shaking dust from the tunnel ceiling. The only option was to go topside in daylight, but that was practically suicidal. Paperbackpages. Apr 12, Kino Kino rated it liked it. A generator above them is actually a nuclear reactor that powers their building.

Not a bad book for it’s genre, but not the best either. Sure it read well and moved along nicely, but there wasn’t much pop or wow factor. He struggles for food and water but what really hits is his loneliness. Overall, very good with some flaws here and there. I was so happy when I realised it is a series, it helped me realise how much I liked this book.

It’s probably not entirely fair to compare the two stories, but since they do indeed share similarities not to mention they have a character called Earthfalk I was compelled to compare them, earyhfall a plot earthfa,l character standpoint, not writing style.

The Earthfall Trilogy

This is not as good as his H. Once upon a time he had been teased about his weight by other kids, but now he knew that they would never make waldfn of him again. Six months later, and Sam is completly alone. It first dragged on in the beginning but the action continued at a steady Pace. I felt somewhat cheated out of any small victory along the way as it felt the struggle to get there wasn’t as tough as wapden could have been.

He quietly made his way to the back of the storeroom and found the loading bay.