CD-ROM CATALOG VA. Links To Catalog ELASTIMOLD®. 5kVkV Distribution Products s SEPARABLE CONNECTORS s CABLE JOINTS. U.S. contractors and specifiers have made our web catalog their number one stop. . Elastimold® Separable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminators. Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories MV HV Catalogue Elastimold elbows, separable connectors, cable joints, terminations and cable accessories are.

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Requires 3 threaded studs on equipment faceplate for installation. Terminators allow connection and transition from shielded, underground cable to bare overhead conductors and live-front equipment.

Other Configurations Other configurations are possible, such as specifying a bushing arrester on every transformer. To order a cold-shrinkable jacket seal as a component of an elbow kit, use catalog number LR-AS.

Quoc Hoang QxH1 Date: Safe and reliable application of overcurrent protective devices based on these sections mandate that More information. Window-Op and Stick-Op connectors are bolted and installed using torque controlled tools. Also available without straps. Incudes X long bi-metal compression lug as standard. Go directly to the product section in the table of contents or follow the decision path outlined below for component selection and application.

Stick-Op Operating Kit includes accessories that enable visible break direct testing, isolation, catzlog grounding functions to be performed. As the core is removed, the stress-relief tube and housing shrink onto the cable at the same time, in exactly the right position. Product Facts Polarized Cavity identification Low contact-mating force Dual locking lances Detent and positive locking Contacts available in brass elastomold phosphor bronze with tin and gold plating Panel mounting.


Stick-Op Operating Kit includes accessories that enable visible break direct testing, isolation, and grounding functions to be performed. Proper placement, voltage selection and coordination with riser pole arresters minimize damaging surge voltages by improving protective margins. Center-to-center spacing equals 4 inches. Rated for single-phase applications only. Factory molding ensures a level of insulation and shielding system catalig not achievable with field-fabricated insulation systems.

The Test and Ground and Stick-Op connectors allow direct testing and grounding with no required cable movement. Types of Grounding Systems Separately. Parking stands for A loadbreak and A deadbreak applications are available as separate items. Cam-Op Cable Joint Kit includes: Sizing the main component will also size the suffix adapter. Included are separable elbow connectors, cable joints, terminations, surge arresters, fused elbows and other cable accessory components.

Ratings Overview See page H—2 for complete information. Also available as housing only.

The stud is not field removable. Finish preparing the metallic shield.

Elastimold Catalog

Units are rated for submersible, padmount, indoor, outdoor and elastimolc applications. Bus bars can be changed to add or remove cables from the joint. Components can be isolated with insulated caps, ekastimold and parking bushings. All work must conform to the National Electric Code, latest edition, and all other applicable codes and regulations. PCT1 and PCT2 terminators provide sufficient creep, strike and weather sealing for class 1 outdoor service.


Also available as housing only specify: Locate the X table indicated in the catalog number selection chart.

ELASTIMOLD CATALOG SP2. Issue Date: 03/2003

Dimension grounding cap www. Refer to More information. The selected connector must be compatible with the mating interface on any equipment. Determine which style is required.


W13 Table provides sizing for rain cap X10 Table provides sizing for connectors. Retrofit kits allow upgrading existing equipment. Submit shop drawings for equipment provided under this section Shop drawings shall indicate: Suitable for bus bar mounting.

Direct Test Connectors, along with a TC-X series meter adapter, a properly rated voltage meter and Hot-line Stick, provides a means for direct conductor voltage testing.

Diameters to be measured in accordance with 9. Also available without probe. Rated for 25kV thru 35kV applications. Copper lug for copper cable only. These items must be ordered separately. Components can be isolated with insulated caps, plugs and parking bushings.