Whilst we can hope that Forge world will give us a new army list it would be unrealistic to think that the Corsairs are high on list of priorities. Eldar Corsair Codex. Author’s Note: Eldar Corsairs (Fluff). ARMORY. ARMY LIST. HQ: Prince Lieutenants: Troops: Corsairs: 1+; Rangers: Kroot: Elites. Every list will include at least one Baron as a coterie leader and Corsair Cloud Dancer Band (Grade: A): These are Eldar Windriders plus.

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Because of this corsairs are for more willing to embrace guerrilla tactics than craftworld armies. Zoats may never board vehicles. No registered users and 1 guest.

IA11 Eldar Corsair Colour Scheme and List Help – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

It almost certainly would suck on the table top…. While most corsair princes generally lack the resources when compared to the armies that the craftworlds are able to produce, some Princes achieve such a level of notoriety and wealth that they compare to a small craftworld in their capabilities. M any corsairs see the benefit of recruiting kroot to their cause, particular those with a tenacity of hiring their services out as mercenaries. The bone sword ignores armor saves, any model wounded must pass a leadership test or suffer instant death.

Up to four corsairs can purchase the following weapons; power fist at 10 points, power weapon for 5 points, plasma pistol for 10 points, fusion gun for 8 points, flamer for 6 points, demo-charge for 10 points.

Any shot that has a strength of 6 or greater will kill the handler on a wound roll of a 6 in addition of wounding the carnosaur, providing that the dragon fails its armor save.


So if a guide says use a lighter colour use a darker one?

Pulsar Strike Requires Prince: I tried to remain true to the old background material from rouge trader, adding my own touches to make the dated fluff more suited to the current setting and filling in the holes to recreate the original eldar forces. Corsairs have a tendency to dismiss the pompous attitudes of other eldar and behave in a more permissive manner when dealing with the Mon-Keigh.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

How they compensate each other if at all is unknown. A favorite tactic employed by the corsairs is to position a squad of corsairs laden with heavy weapon lkst to ambush a caravan. Aurics Pride on October 26, You guys got me from Primer to almost fully painted in less than 24 hours!

D-cannon armj 50 points per model, vibro cannon at 50 points per model, or shadow weaver at 30 points per model.

Also I did get in my first game with my Skyreavers and I was not disappointed. A pistol form of the lasblaster, the lasblast pistol is a highly favored side arm of the corsair due to its high reliability and rate of fire, but is often left at home for a more substantial side arm when the pirates engage in open warfare. They fit corsars fast moving nature cosairs the army, and add the same toughness that they do in a Craftworlder list.

The dragon knights can fire their lances even if they used fleet during their movement phase. Otherwise anything not on the below Chaos, Necrons, Nids you cannot ally with at all.

MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

The ork freebooter kaptain had made planet fall to personally extort provisions fro the primitive humans on the isolated, forested moon. After that the ship must reposition itself and can no longer involve itself in the ground battle. But I think I got some inspiration from those models, thanks! The prince has taken this creature as a pet and it follows the eldar wherever he or she goes. The weapon could be coated with powerful poisons or if could release an energy that attacks the nervous system of its victim.


Sample Lists I have written a few different army lists below at points. Seriously, nab some Warp Hunters.

If the target is still in the game following the next corsair shooting phase roll another D6, on a roll of a 6 the target receives a final shot again with BS 0.

While I’m gonna be diving more into CWE going forward they are gonna be my go-to for Ynnari troops in a battalion no questions asked Ravenwing Attack Squadron or two, a Deathwing Redemption Force coming in on turn 2, then Sky Burner Corsairs coming in on turn liet to precision strike elements of the enemy army that the Deathwing and Ravenwing might have trouble with.

Thanks to afmy for the help, from now on I’ll post pics and progress here so others might find some inspiritation from your words and pictures!

Something like that lis work Thanks for all the help guys!

The forge world looks so much more godly!