About two years have passed since the launch of the Elektor SDR Shield for creating a shortwave SDR using the Arduino [1]. Plentiful positive feedback and. Elektor SDR Reloaded. SDR Shield for the Arduino. By Burkhard Kainka ( Germany). A Software Defined Radio is a universal tool in RF technology circles, one. Ein Software Defined Radio ist ein universelles Werkzeug in der HF-Technik, das auch für Messungen einsetzbar ist. Die Eigenschaften des Empfängers.

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I am curious if anyone else has experienced this?? Hallo, the impedance of all inputs is high and not 50 Ohm. You can enter several keywords and you can refine them whenever you want. Inclusive automatic tuning by the receiver.

A solution is to oversample your baseband, and then decimate to increase the effective number of bits. And it is working exceptionally well under Adr platforms!

Shortwave Software Defined Radio from ELEKTOR |

A selective input circuit improves antenna matching and immunity to interference from other strong signals. Why should I brand my topic? I don’t see much height of the actual signal above the base noise. A fully featured SDR capable of handling samplerates from kHz level soundcards up to multi hundred MHz scr samplers, thanks to its multi-core architecture.


Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (1)

Characteristics and performances are very similar Baudline is a time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain. How do I follow my topics’ performance? Downloading of sfr magazine article is reserved for registered users only. Company Media Kit Contact Scoop. Because of that, You are able to experiment with a short wire of some meters.

Should have the best effect at all! Sorry, LEFT of course Balun The danger of lightnings is high. And full schematics here: This means, one has not to tune the preselctor by hand, it is done automatically. Just a sound card and that’s it! Send email to Digger. So give elektr Elektor a look.

eoektor Potentially prefer an external high end one, like EMU It worked really well at a full kHZ bandwidth. The new topic will begin with this message. Find More Posts by mvs sarma. By providing sdd code, thorough documentation, easy to grasp tutorials, and a place for open discussion modern radio systems will be demystified by covering everything from the RF, analog, and digital hardware design to the firmware running on the ARM MCU and FPGA to Linux kernel device drivers.

You will be astonished, how nice it works. A fast, free C FFT library; includes real-complex, multidimensional, and parallel transforms. If not the same. Have a look at manual here: Eletor is good for the price! Hi all, Talking about preselectors I would like to mention the ones from Heros Technology Ltdfound searching the net, which as the manufacturer claims are suitable for SDRs.


What can be the deal??

Elektor SDR vs Softrock

Learn how to share your curation rights. Send a private message to Digger. It is a sum of ‘little elwktor that leads to this point of optimisation.

We’ll suggest content based on your keywords. A shortwave Receiver with Network Interface. Shizuoka City, Japan Posts: Athens – Greece Posts: It was like the sun had risen.

Elektor recommends its business partner Eurocircuits as the company of choice for its own prototypes and volume production in selected cases. FM You could enhance the receiver by giving an input from a FM-receiver with a intermediate frequency of 10,7 MHz als an example. Send a private message to dadalbinder. Separate output grounding from internal groundings.

But the biggest cherry on the cake is that source code is available for educational purpose.

As the schematic and layout for the radio is also available, it may also serve as the platform for your own integration project. On Fri, Apr 23, at 2: Home Messages Hashtags Subgroups.