Fax. +49 (0) / [email protected] / www. Technical Data. Modifications or deviations are reserved R Elster A Current favourite; Optional RS; Measuring instantaneous values; active, reactive and apparent; emailed Elster on 5/12/12 for. Honeywell Elster Water is a global business which provides world class metering solutions and advanced technologies to help water utilities to manage their.

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This can be done by either More information. The PM looks interesting but perhaps too advanced for my application. Any further sale is prohibited without the.

Buying and installing a smart meter

X 6 Voltage phase L X. While a measured value is actually being displayed, then it will not be updated in the elstrr mode. After pressing the alternate button again the next data of the standard data readout list will be displayed for about 10s.

All rights are reserved. Keep it Simple Timing Elsster To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. By using both digital multiplication and integration, significant advantages can be achieved in terms of measuring stability and flexibility. The measured values involved are displayed in rolling mode, with the data relevant to billing being displayed for a configurable duration e.

An alarm of this kind can likewise be read out through the electrical or optical interface loss of time and date 1 power quality profile initialization error x reserved or not used 1 non fatal checksum error of setting class 1 terminal cover removal detection 2 main cover removal detection 1 magnetic field detection 1 battery empty 1 loss of time and date not shown on display.

Light scene push button 8gang comfort Design: It has been specified that two-digit year figures from 90 up to and including 99 are assigned to the twentieth century. Com GmbH, Berlin Publication close: CT clamps I think I need the 40A clamp for cables routed through the clamp, cat number Demand values per period Energy values per period Energy Register every period Features of the load profile storage Load profiles are read out using the formatted “R5” command, which causes a load profile formatted with OBIS to be output.


Description 1 Identifier 2 Error indicator 3 Unit of measuring quantity 4 Measuring quantity 5 Energy direction indicator 6 Energy Tariff information 7 Demand tariff indication Fig. This can be done by either. Quick Connect quick – simple – efficient www.

Buying and installing a smart meter

If the deviation is greater than this specified value, we speak of “setting”, i. The overall length of the telegram answered will depend on the s220 of the interval desired. With the load profile memory approved by the PTB, load profile memory contents are interrogated and output in conformity with the VDEW requirements. E,ster further sale is prohibited without the More information. Freescale Semiconductor Document Number: The reply generated by the meter here is given as a self-sufficient telegram.

GPS data logging in internal memory.

XXX 4 actual demand of the period X. The communication baud rates are configurable Optical interface Electrical characteristics: The switching times are here defined by the switching table.

The features of the battery are: F If an error of this kind occurs, the meter’s certification will be cancelled, and the display will be frozen “F.

Generates an image of each apartment’s heat consumption and makes it available for readout. The standard data readout list contains all billing data. The case provides an ingress protection rating of IP The default More information. This manual offers important information and suggestions with respect to installation, More information. With this approach the a22 reading of gas and water meters is included. From standard, second or load profile call mode you jump back into the e,ster display through the end-of-list identifier, or automatically if no control is operated within a defined time of 30 minutes, elter example, or if the alternate button has been pressed for longer than 5 s.


With you can control access on hundreds of doors for up to 10, More information. If in conjunction with the load profile readout there is no entry in the inquiry for the OBIS Identifier of a measured value, the meter will respond with all available measured values in its profile. While a measured value is being displayed eldter this mode, it will be updated in the display once a second Standard elstr Menu Option “Std-dAtA” The first value displayed in the call list is the Identifier and the content of the function error.

With the theft-resistant option, the P arrow is not used. ABB AB assumes no. Not clear if it can measure reactive power, or how frequently it measures. For up to 4 different day types e. After the segment test will be displayed the standard data readout list of eslter meter can be read by the optical port.

September 2 2 A Binary 5D Product family: