Entegra PFD Series. The Avidyne Entegra EXP brings the advantages of integrated flight deck technology to the retrofit market for business and general. The Avidyne Entegra EXP brings the advantages of integrated flight deck technology to the retrofit market for business and general. Entegra EXP PFD. Document Revision History. This document is applicable to Software Part Number All materials.

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Demo is used to simulate lightning operations. Page 15 HDI e. See the NorthStar manual to change the baud rate. Contact Heads Up Technologies at www.

Lightning Antenna Location Changed There may be an inconsistency between the antenna location exl5000 setting and the software configuration. A steady or intermittent “red X” in place of the airspeed indicator, altimeter, VSI or attitude indicator.

Set the tilt table for 10oroll left.

Avidyne Entegra EXP Installation manual |

Use the following values to support the analysis: Bringing it All Together Entegra integrates all of your primary flight instruments into a single, easy-to-use, and easy-to-interpret display. Use the KTA control panel if installed. When the Radar Page is ready, it will look similar ex;5000 the following: Squawk codes and tail numbers cannot display if the traffic sensor is installed on an ARINC port.


Press Cancel to exit without saving changes. The error may clear.

To finish the checkout process, see Section 6. Can’t Open Port Another device is configured for the same port. Exp0500 step ensures that all data has been checked in self-test and the MFD is ready for use 7.

To clear the error, turn off power to the Lightning sensor and turn it on again. Proceed to step S. Enetgra per ECO Oct. CI Max kts indicated at 10, ft. Letting the Zip Drive dangle can cause permanent damage to the data port. The Broadcast Datalink system operates in the S-band at 2.

Avidyne recommends that you check the calibration values after the Avidyne unit has been installed to ensure that nothing has changed.

Service Ex5p000 should display either Aviator or Aviator Lite, depending on your level of service. All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Rotate the aircraft to the 4 cardinal compass points and perform the strike test. Dangers from ground operation of airborne weather radar include the possibility of human body damage and ignition of combustible material by radiated energy.


edp5000 Invalid Sensors and Error Conditions 5. Radar Setup Page Note: EX Brochure High-Resolution 9. This verifies that the system is in calibration mode.

See the configuration module user data for detailed setup instructions.

Change Display

Press Set again to update the Darkest dimming voltage field. Full up Centered Full down Beam Width 0. See the Northstar installation manual for the specific codes to open the setup screen. However, there ep5000 significant differences with regard to the features, degree of integration, intuitive aspects of the design, and overall product utility.

The green LED control lights behind all the front panel controls should light up.