The Everest XLG3™ VideoProbe® system – today’s most revolutionary remote visual inspection (RVI) tool – provides significantly improved inspection. The portable visual inspection tool Everest XLG3 VideoProbe of Stork Gears & Services will significantly speed up your gearbox inspections. Buy, sell, trade-in or rent GE / Everest XLG3 Borescopes / Fiberscope. Avionteq offers both new and refurbished or used GE / Everest XLG3 VideoProbe NDT.

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The multiple XLG3 probes allow fast changes during inspection and more equipment utilization.

GE Inspection Technologies adds mm probe to Everest XLG3

Video borescopes greatly speed up the process; however, inspections still need the right diameter andlength of probe to get the job done. To learn more about the XLG3, visit: Gears and Services Asia – Singapore. We use technical and analytics evefest to ensure that we will give you the best experience of our website – More Info. With its ability to manage inspection data and capture, store and transmit images via Internet, the XLG3 VideoProbe system enables real-time collaboration between remote team members for fast, accurate ecerest.

GE / Everest Part Number- XLG3 VideoProbe NDT Video Borescope | AvionTEq

This portable visual inspection tool significantly speeds up gearbox inspections. Without Case – The probes have twice the light output than the 6. Save set-up time with the optional battery pack with one- or two-hour capacities. Provides xpg3 quality images for accurate diagnosis. The XLG3 is able to navigate the smallest areas. Place text annotation, xl3g call-out arrows or company logos onto any live, frozen or recalled image to identify and enhance reports.

GE Inspection Technologies adds 8.

End of Warranty- inspections. Our highly skilled diagnostic engineers will analyze these images to a high degree of accuracy and will be able to identify actual and possible defects. The Everest XLG3 evwrest provides a powerful computing platform for data management and worldwide connectivity. Gears and Services Netherlands – Rotterdam. Inspection time of the gearbox is minimized.


XLG3 VideoProbe

Send in-field inspection images to the people who most want to see them. The company has 11 application centers around the globe and offers a range of services including repair, on-site RVI inspection services, calibration, training and upgrades.

For general enquiries please go to evdrest contact page. Advertise Privacy Policy Contact About. About Advertise Contact Login.

Use the optional keyboard or handset to integrate text and graphics.

Windturbine gearboxes have typically technically demanding and physically challenging inspections. High density, 75 W lamps generate light output that is two times greater than other video scopes and last up to 1, hours. Bright, distinct inspection images allow for fast defect identification and decision making. The XLG3 now offers a full range of probes in three diameters: Batteries charge when attached to the system or off-system with an external charger so you can ready the system for the next inspection.

The high-output lightsource illuminates the darkest corners.

To learn more about GE Everesf Technologies visit www. A high-output illumination probe sheds light into the darkest and smallest corners of the gearbox system, delivering sharp and clear images. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. The Everest XLG3 VideoProbe evfrest is specifically built to inspect difficult to reach environments, such as windturbine gearboxes. Features; -On-demand, accurate 3D Phase Measurement Technology -Extra-bright, high-resolution LCD screen and high-output illumination deliver sharp, clear images -Powerful computing platform for data management and worldwide connectivity -Dual-purpose shipping ecerest operating case -Navigating the smallest pipes to the largest dark spaces, the XLG3 VideoProbe system fully illuminates challenging locations.

GE Inspection Technologies has 1, employees at more than 25 facilities in 25 countries worldwide. The Everest XLG3 system features interchangeable, QuickChange probes that allow you to quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length for maximum productivity.


Send data via email, perform file transfers and access your company network or view product or maintenance manuals online.

The interchangeable probes offer a flexible inspection solution in one VideoProbe system. Probes are built for increased durability and feature a titanium head that is eight times stronger than older designs. With improved lenses, digital-signal processing and an extra bright, high xlg33, wide VGA LCD screen, the XLG3 delivers the highest quality image available on the marketplace.

The company designs, manufactures and services radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual inspection and eddy current equipment to inspect, monitor and test materials and equipment without disassembly, deforming or damaging them. Powered by Test Equipments Center. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Features; -On-demand, accurate 3D Phase Measurement Technology -Extra-bright, high-resolution LCD screen and high-output illumination deliver sharp, clear images everezt computing platform for data management and worldwide connectivity -Dual-purpose shipping and operating case.

Adjustable probes everes in a wide selection of optical tips, probe lengths from 2 to 9.

GE Inspection Technologies announces the expansion of its Everest XLG3 VideoProbe product line, offering end-users increased flexibility to eversst their inspection needs.

The resulting reduced downtime means the gearbox system is quickly up and running again. Key applications for the XLG3’s include large turbine inspections, large tank and vessel inspections, airframe inspections and large pipe and header inspections.

Sophisticated image controls include an adjustable brightness feature.