This order discusses the authorities, responsibilities, policies, B, FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program (with Change 13), 10/01/. Reprint of FAA Order B FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program. This order contains policies, procedures, and guidelines for the Federal Aviation. For violations occurring before September 18, , FAA enforcement personnel apply the sanction policy guidance in FAA Order B.

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That really is revolutionary.

The change provides more specific guidance for determining sanctions in cases where there are multiple violations of certain industry drug and alcohol regulations and amends the prescribed ranges for certain types of violations set forth in Appendix B. So it seems as long as you admit your fault and you are willing to do whatever it takes to correct the issues and address why it happened in the first place, the FAA is now kinder, more understanding and forgiving.

FAA Order 2150.3C, Compliance and Enforcement Program, 48893 [2018-20987]

Caa can see where this would be a very welcome change for anyone in the industry. Pilots should be thrilled, should be happy. In that case it was the custom and practice of not flying real close to the control tower. In this policy statement, the Federal Air Surgeon has announced afa he is now prepared to consider, on a case-by-case basis, applicants who take select antidepressant medications for the special issuance of all classes of medical certification.

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And they go out and look at the aircraft, they interview witnesses, they talk to the pilot, they do what lawyers call Fact Finding to assess and determine was there a violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations at 14 CFR 91 or 61 or another part of the Code of Federal Regulations. And finally, it means that the person has access to data equipment facilities necessary to comply with the regulatory requirements and appropriately manage risk. USA January 29 They have dramatically changed how they look at pilot deviation and violations of the rules and their terms are now as follows: Follow Please login to follow content.


Really embrace this new Compliance Philosophy that the FAA has adopted because it meaningfully changes their rights and obligations and options when the FAA is, as I say, comes knocking and wants to know why did you violate the rules and regulations.

Often times the occurrence, incident or problem is called an accident. By analogy, the same goes for the pilot. Fly Advanced, Lancaster Aircraft Dealership. Share Facebook Twitter Linked In.

And, finally, another common example is entering what is called Class Bravo Airspace without approval from the air traffic control facility that controls that particular air space.

They need to be able to avail themselves of, you know, their rights.

Why did I receive an administrative processing notice? The radical change that occurred in the summer of is revolutionary for pilots, mechanics and others who have FAA approvals, authorizations, permits, etc. You mentioned that drones fall under the FAA rules and there seem to be a lot of hobbyists who would really be completely unaware of some of the regulations that would be governing their actions with regard to drone operations.

You can file as many of these as you want, but you can only use one every five years to prevent the FAA 1250.3 suspending or taking your pilot certificate.


They inoculate you from the FAA, not investigating, but from imposing a sanction on you. We hope you find this information helpful. Sections of this page.

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Our example, remember, was Tom Cruise and the low pass by the control tower. Brookeville Beer Farm Brewery.

Why was there a crash? So, the new revolutionary changes that the FAA has undertaken since June 26,when the administrator announced them are that the options for the FAA are now broader than they were before June We take this opportunity to not only advise you of this change, but to also remind you of the four other changes that have been made to the FAA Order But, it takes a while for an agency as big as the FAA to shift, you see, from pure enforcement to this new Compliance Philosophy.

Big Changes in FAA’s Policies Concerning FAA Enforcement Actions – Lexology

Pilots love Administrative Actions because nothing happens. This new FAA Compliance Philosophy does not mean at the very outset that you have to tell all, be complete, give the entire story surrounding the FAA or potential FAA violation of the rules and regulations. Change 4 provided sanction guidance to agency enforcement personnel in initiating and processing laser-related interference with crewmember cases involving violations of 14 C.

It can be landing with your gear up when it should be down.