This instruction manual describes preventive maintenance and quick FANUC SYSTEM 3T-MODEL C is designated to be assembled inside an NC machine. Fanuc System 3T-Model D Operator’s Manual(BE 02) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. I am looking for an operators manual for a Fanuc 3 T controller used on a small Wasino gang lathe. Any help would be appreciated. Going to.

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And that zero is relative to the location of the table at poweron, not relative to the absolute machine zero.

Fanuc 3T Parameters Manual

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Fanux Jump to page: Now from what can see, Tsugami may not have made the actual spindle. I have 6T and 0T maintenance manuals but I dont suppose the parameter list from these will work or can some be used just to check if the Hydraulics come on etc. By the way good work on the retrofit.

Those will not fix your power-on issue but you should check the actual axis movement and compare to readout to ensure the amount of movement is the same. I just got everything moving, now I have to buy all the long-term maintenance bits Also, where the heck do you buy gang-tool style bits?

The fanucc thing I did when I got it home was power it on to see if the parameters were still intact. I’m not an expert at reading these things, but it looks like this machine has 8K of memory? Zero return XZ axis. G50 was the “magic”, I thought that only set max spindle speed, but it turns out on these older units, it also lets you specify the current location.


Fanuc 3t Maintenance Manual

Now I just need to figure out if there’s any way to set DNC on this machine The time now is Any knowledge or assistance provided in understanding this control would be greatly appreciated! Results 1 to 12 of I have tool offsets which are settable from the MDI. I’m Sorry I haven’t been helpful on a parameter list I Have a maintenance manual and I’m Still trying to find time to fix spindle drive on my machine I bought a extra PCB around the first of the year and it got here damaged but It will make a core manuxl least I Have a complete servo drive new in the box for the XorZ of this machine.

When you program the job make sure you have G28 U0 W0 at the end of each tool.

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It looks like the spindle center is 2. It also lets you see the program as its running through it. Thank god for Duracell Professional What did they use originally? Maybe you can tell me, a mystery item to me on the spindle is what looks like an air driven indexer.


The ballscrews were actually fresh and the table had no appreciable backlash less than a tenth of a thou.

Didn’t realize that featurecam defaults to using its own radius compensation in addition to the radius compensation in the tool offsets so the part came out a hair oversize. I have a “random” zero fxnuc is wherever the table was on power-up.

Thanks again for the help! Anybody know if thats an option you can add afterwards?

Did you do a number on the DC servo’s? So my question probably should be.

Need help understanding “zero” on a Fanuc 3T.

Parameter 8 relates to axis parameters for reference counter and multiplying ratio. I need some help setting tool offsets when I get up and running again Thank’s Kevin. Results 1 to 10 of From my admittedly limited understanding, I have the absolute zero which I can fanhc with gridshift offsets, but does not seem to be used for anything except G28, e. Anybody has any idea what that means? Thanks fordav11, that worked! One last question for anybody still looking at this thread.

From his recollection, the 3T normally has 20m 8KB of memory and is expandable to 40m onboard, up to 80m with additional memory cards.