FM MCRP D FIELD HYGIENE AND SANITATION HEADQUARTERS , DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND COMMANDANT, MARINE CORPS. This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Field Hygiene and Sanitation. Field Hygiene and Sanitation (FM ) [The United States Army] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The purpose of this publication is to.

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Good protection is afforded by mechanical pro- phylaxis condoms, rubbers if used properly. Place a thin piece of wood under the manhole cover to provide ventilation. During mobilization, the FST performs its field sanitation duties. Finish filling the sprayer with clean water to the appropriate level.

Proper ventilation will dilute the number of bacteria in the atmosphere, thereby reducing the number that may be fj.

It explains the funda- mentals of sanitation and their application under field conditions. Improvised devices may be used under emergency conditions; the burn-out latrine is the preferred method for improvised devices. This definition includes persons who are dying of disease or injury due to accidents directly related to the operation or mission to which they were deployed.

These diseases are usually transmitted from person to person by dis- charges from the nose, mouth, throat, or lungs of an infected person. Thorough instruction in sanitary meth- ods and constant supervision over their work practices are fielld more necessary than for mili- tary personnel. The shower de- vices illustrated below are a few of the improvised devices which have proved to be effective in the field.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Oiling of unfinished wood floors is an excellent means saniattion dust control. CAUTION Always wash your hands and chemical resistant gloves, respirator, goggles, and other personal protective equipment with soap and water after spraying. Diarrhea, especially when vomiting or fever is present, can cause dehydration.

FM – Field Hygiene and Sanitation –

The supports must be sturdy, as the bag filled with water weighs approximately pounds. The proce- dure is described as follows: Do not add flavoring to the water in your canteen; it increases the risk of contamination and illness. The use of good judgment regarding these limitations will be the determining factor in the overall functional effectiveness of the teeth and the health of the mouth.


In this effort all three factors in- volved fielld the ifeld of communicable dis- eases are taken into consideration, namely: The automatic relighting device described in c below will lessen the possibility of such an explosion.

In the desert, additional canteens may be required. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Avoid skin contact with insecticide. Silver fillings, gold in- lays, gold or porcelain crowns, and other types of restorations are also substitutes for lost tooth structure and have varying degrees of functional limitations. Pesticide applications must be reported to higher echelon command, using Department of Defense Form as required by DOD Instruction If the flame of a burner goes out and the fuel is not burned off, turned off, or relighted immediately, a dangerous concentration of gas may build up.

This series of events may be described as a three-link chain, each link representing a factor essential to the transmission of disease.

The water in small amounts increases the efficiency of this burner, as it becomes steam when it hits the heated plate. One person’s ignorance of or indifference to the prac- tices of military sanitation can counteract hygiee of the combined effort of the many services working for his welfare.

Always filter through the same side of the filter.

Food particles which are allowed to remain on mess utensils or anywhere in the mess may serve as breeding places for germs. Check the preparation sanitatin insulated containers. Alcohol, if taken in more than small quantities, impairs judgment and slows the reflexes, contributes to overweight, and may be habit-forming.

Moisture accumulates in socks, decreasing their insulating quality.

Army Field Manual FM 21-10 (Field Hygiene and Sanitation)

Perishable foods such as meats, dairy products, fresh vegetables, and bread should be issued daily, preferably in the fueld. They use other special equipment in removing chemical, biological, and radiological contami- nants.

Food handlers must be strictly supervised saintation thoroughly trained in sanitary food handling practices chap 5. NOTE Use caution sanitagion entering into and clearing out of old, infrequently used buildings. If diagnosed early, the diseases mentioned above can be cured. Food is scraped into the garbage can. Cream mix- tures for pastry fillings, puddings, sauces, and sal- ads containing egg, milk, mayonnaise, or salad cm are also excellent culture media for germs.


The Army’s charac- ter guidance program and the Air Force’s moral leadership program are aids to the commander in promoting and maintaining a healthy mental and moral attitude among the personnel under his command.

DO NOT fill the sprayer to the top. If there is evi- dence that a second boiling period will not make it safe, the command surgeon will prescribe the longer period required. Refer to the technical manual on your water trailer for maintenance instructions. Proper washing is important ; other- wise food particles will remain and become breed- ing places for disease germs.

Wear an approved pesticide respirator, if required by the label. Ans Air Force, the base civil engineer plans, initiates, and supervises the execution of pest control meas- ures. Items which readily support bacterial growth, such as locally prepared sauces, fiwld, salad dressings, ham salad, chicken salad, cream filling, cream sauces, custards, and hash corned-beef ex- cepted will in no instance be prepared more than 3 hours before serving and always sanittation near serving time as possible.

If meat juices and drippings are saved, they should be refrigerated and then used as soon as possible. Different types include single flange, triple flange, and hand formed.

When coughing or sneezing, he must cover his nose and mouth with a handkerchief. It is capable of treating water at the rate of one-fourth gallon per minute. Water Supply in Theaters of Operations. Special immunizations also may be given to personnel, depending upon the circum- stances.