Do whatever you want with a Pa Uc 44fr Form: fill, sign, print and send online instantly. Securely download your document with other editable templates, any. Forms UC-2/2B,2A, or on the ‘Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration Form’, Form Financial Determination’, Form UCFR, and ‘Decision on Request for Relief. 2. Notices of Financial Determination (UCF(3)), Requests for Relief from Charges (UCFR), and determinations on requests for relief from charges ( Form.

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uc 44fr form –

Monitor form and envelope supply usage and initiate requests for, reorder supplies when needed. The language of section ecited previously in this opinion, is both clear and mandatory.

Candidates wanting to apply for this position in response to this posting should submit all requested materials with your NeoGov application and should NOT submit materials directly to the Civil Service Commission.

The letter which accompanied Employer’s UCFR form merely stated that Employer from enclosing a request for relief from charges. Contrary to Employer’s assertion, careful reading of the language of section As its title indicates, the notice of financial determination is limited to a determination of a claimant’s financial eligibility only. A determination of financial eligibility is the first stepin determining overall eligibility for unemployment benefits. Thus, the procedural error in Lautek resulted in a delay but did not affect the validity of the petition for review because the defect was curable.

The Board further asserts Claimant does not challenge the Board’s decision on the merits; thus, Claimant waived his right to argue the Board erred in denying benefits under Section e of the Law. Employer’s appeal did not raise fofm issue concerning Claimant’s financial eligibility.


Employer then appealed to the Board from the Referee’s decision. On the completed UCFR form, Employer indicated that Claimant resigned after falsifying records 4fr would have been discharged for willful misconduct if he had not resigned. See Dep’t of Cmty. Voluntary Demotion candidates MUST include a letter requesting a voluntary demotion and acknowledgement of a reduction in pay.

The following procedure may be followed: Either the claimant or the employer may dispute this financial determination by filing an appeal.

First Nat. v. Unemp. Comp. Bd. of Rev.

Ultimately, the referee issued a decision in which he first noted there was no issue regarding the timeliness of Employer’s appeal because “the Notice of Financial Determination, even if issued to the fodm, is a notice of financial eligibility without regard to the merits of a separation. However, the Board contends, Employer had no reason to argue Claimant had insufficient wages in his base year based upon his high quarter.

This determination process begins with the mailing to the employer of a copy of the part of the claimant’s application, entitled “Employer’s Notice of Application Request for Separation and Wage Information.

Dauphin County OES This position in the Employers’ Charge Section involves a wide variety of clerical 44f functions related to the relief from charge process including employer correspondence and appeals. Participate in training, when scheduled. Accordingly, because Employer erred procedurally, and has failed to produce independent evidence of its alleged intent to appeal, we affirm.


Click on the case name to see the full text of the citing case. If you disagree with this determination you may file an appeal at the office where you are claiming benefits or file an appeal by mail.


The notice of determination indicated the “final day to timely appeal this determination is July 06, Thus, strict construction is required.

As such, these issues are waived. Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Employer’s error and its legal ramifications were self-created and not induced by fraud. This posting has been revised to include updated job duties. The procedural defect in the case at bar is not curable. Reply Flag as Offensive. Cited Cases No Cases Found.

cu By way of background, after a claimant applies for unemployment benefits, a notice of financial Determination, Form UCF, is generated by the local service center. In addition to a financial determination, the local service center determines whether the substantive circumstances surrounding a claimant’s separation from employment render him eligible for benefits. The Referee held an evidentiary hearing at which Employer’s representative and a Bureau representative both testified.

If the claimant and the employer are in dispute as to the reasons for or circumstances surrounding the separation from employment, the service center claims examiner attempts to gather further information.