SKU, Model, PWM Outputs, Ports, 2 Ports, FASST, Telemetry, S- FHSS, High Speed, High Voltage, Connectors, Range. FUTL, RGF, 4, 0, 0. Updating instructions and software manual are included in the zipped files. Please unzip 12FG Model Recovery Application ( KB) – updated July 23, Futaba 12FG – GHz FASST (T12FGA) with GHz TM Module Accessories included: Instruction Manual – Futaba SD Card – 12 V AC.

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You can already preset. Understanding the model you’re flying is a must to work through these menus and getting your model flying.

FUTABA 12FG Instruction Manual

Enter text from picture: For a description of the switch setting method, see the description at the back of this manual. Take a look at the video for a quick demonstration on changing frequencies. After you’ve set your flight conditions, the trim operation can be coupled with among all the conditions which combination mode is selected.

As one might expect, the Futaba 12FG offers a comprehensive list of built-in mixers too many to list here as well as ten free mixers. For used instructions on Airplanes and Sailplanes, refer to The AFR function, Dual rate function and other the sections pertaining to those aircraft.

Inevitably the model had to be re-trimmed, mixer and diff adjusted, in fact it was like starting with a brand new model, let alone a new radio! Sometimes I’ll bring a couple smaller 55″ airplanes and a helicopter or maybe a couple park flyers.

That means its frequency can be changed within the range of the frequency band of the module in use. For example, setting up cross trims is just a question of re-assigning the trim levers. However, with availability of programmable mixers, this is unlikely to be a constraint in practice. Page PIT to RUD mixing Revolution mixing Use this mix when you want to suppress the However, when a GY Series or other heading reaction torque generated by main rotor pitch and hold gyro is used, since correction is performed speed changes during pitch operation.


Yet they all have one thing in common — they all need advanced radios to control them. When using this function, always check initial operation with the propeller removed.

It’s much easier to read and navigate than my 8UAP.

Some may call me lucky. It almost feels as though the airplane reacts before I even move the stick’s. As you can see by the picture to the left it includes: If you have purchased this product from an exporter outside your own country and not the authorized Futaba dis- tributor 12fh your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met.

Curves or AFR as they are rather cryptically called provide a flexible way of altering the response of sticks and mixers. The pictures to the left are what you see when your selected model is an airplane in PCM mode. How will it enhance the enjoyment of my hobby?

What ever it is I bring, I usually bring more than one. Of course this also means there’s less to go wrong!


I did have one or two reservations though. Model addition and call Connect the ailerons, elevators, throttle, rudder, Initial setting assigns 1 model to the T12FG etc.

The 12FG offers sweet simplicity to every day functions and really made itself an instant hit 12tgh me. It’s actually smaller and lighter than I was anticipating, more so than the pictures online might indicate.


BUTTERFLY This function allows powerful brake operation by simultaneously raising the left and right ailerons and lowering the flaps camber flap, This setting will allow the ailerons to be raised while the flaps are simultaneously lowered. Use the Normal must fhtaba done by a Futaba service center.

There are not many negatives I could find with the 12FG, however as I review this transmitter two things kept surfacing.

Futaba 12FG Ghz 7ch Transmitter & Receiver Combo w/ NiCD Battery FFG24G – BUY [email protected]

Next was the range test with and without the engine running to about ‘. For example, you can use a volume knob to adjust aileron differential. From there I entered my name and only looked at the other choices. The transmitter has preset functions for the controls and trim. The goals for programming the Futaba 12FG were: Fortunately the battery is easily disconnected from the main board the lead terminates in a mabual J-connector.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. For more than just sentimental reasons, it’s also my favorite. SWASH MIX The swash mix function is used to correct the Example of use swash plate in the aileron roll direction and elevator cyclic pitch corresponding to each operation of each condition.

Turbines, helicopters, scale models, F3X gliders and large aerobatic models… they all carve up the sky in their own unique manner.

It works to shut off the engine with the flip of a switch. I don’t personally have a need for that much memory, so I didn’t get a card and cannot comment on its use.