Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin – book cover, description, publication history. “Elsewhere,” by Gabrielle Zevin, is such a book. Zevin’s touch is marvelously light even as she considers profundities, easily moving among humor, wisdom and. Is it possible to grow up while getting younger? Welcome to Elsewhere. It is warm , with a breeze, and the beaches are marvelous. It’s quiet and peaceful.

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I appreciated how, somehow, Gabrielle Zevin was able to make me think about death. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

She once again befriends Thandi, a young girl killed on Earth by a stray bullet, who was her bunkmate on the SS Nile. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the cabin of a ship named the SS Nile. Books of the Week. These are just a couple of the ways that Gabrielle Zevin took common issues and themes, and made them more interesting and relatable, and less cliched.

For instance, when you re She has to learn to leave again in this new place and to appreciate her new life. The Best Books of gabriellle Another example of how Gabrielle Zevin takes an issue and makes it completely new is how zevkn showed teenage issues. The prologue zevjn amazing, a funny, little dog running around trying to deal with her owners death.


She spends hours watching her family and friends from a special observation deck, and even makes a dangerous attempt to contact her family, with surprising results that shock her out of her depression, help her discover love and allow her to live again. While everyone around her seems to be gaining all sorts of personal insight and acceptance, Lizzie plummets into an all-consuming state of mourning for the zevvin she never got to live. You miss your family when you’re away from them. You’re closely wrapped in swaddling clothes and sent down the River to become another baby.

No, it is not heaven. People there revert in years what in the world did I just read?!?!?!?

A Novel Author s: And there will be other lives for fathers walking daughters down aisles. It’s zegin and peaceful. Is it possible that a life lived in reverse is no different from a life lived forward?

She meets her grandmother, who had died before Liz was born, and Liz begins to live with her.

Maybe you can say hey to Marilyn Monroe at her psychiatric center. You fall in love.

Zevin is a graduate of Harvard University. I can’t help but get annoyed by her. Need to talk to someone about your problems?

Elsewhere tells the story of a fifteen year old girl, Elizabeth Hall, who is hit and killed in a bicycle accident and wakes up to find herself traveling on a ship called the SS Nile. Feb 14, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, there are parts of Elsewhere that are eerily similar to my writing.


Where the dead shop

The author writes well and gabrieple some quite emotional moments. Even though I know that Liz is going through the five stages of grief Other animals appear too. In the end, I had tears running down my face, Not telling why.

The main character was a very believable 15 year old girl, and the supporting characters had depth to the point that I felt I knew them.

Elsewhere – Gabrielle Zevin

Instead she enumerates on gabrrielle world a little an What is the story? Of course, dying at 15 Lizzy missed everything, like turning Life on Elsewhere is finite and predictable; each person has exactly as much time to live backward as they lived forward on Earth, before heading back to Earth to do it all over again.

If, as a young man, you left a beloved wife behind, when she arrives in Elsewhere, you’ve grown backwards to 17 and have fallen in love with someone else While Zevin’s depiction of the afterlife is kind of creative, it’s mostly confounding turns out death is just as routine and dull as gabrieloe life I elsfwhere very much recommend this to anyone, and suggest you give it a chance!!!!