Importance of Garbhadhana Samskara: If one is not purified by the process of the seed giving ceremony, or garbhadhana samskara he is. One of the most important aspects of the Daiva Varnasrama culture or Sanatana Dharma culture, is Garbhadhana-samskara. Garbhadhana-samskara is a great. What is Garbhadhana Samskara? According to Varnashrama (the civilized society) the civilized people in society would perform the purificatory ritual before .

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The miracles of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu via kksblog. After that one may have sex life on the same principle. This process requires detailed knowledge of the prospective mother’s monthly cycle, that is, when her menses begin and end. Garbhadhana Samskara according to Vedas: This is performed the day husband and wife decide to unite for conceiving a child. Whereas others are forced to restrain themselves from sense gratification, a devotee of the Lord automatically refrains because of superior taste.

Transcendental competition A Devotee lives always in the company of the Lord! Scholars trace Garbhadhana rite to Vedic hymns, such as those in sections 8.

I must have sex. That is the philosophy of Lord Caitanya.

Garbhadhana Samskara

Before begetting a child, one has to sanctify his perplexed mind. Now he’ll again begin from the point where he lost last life. To say the least, each sex act must be carefully planned in advance, by use of intelligence, using the scriptural injunctions, and not determined by lust alone.

Bathing After the Act: Kasyapa foresaw this, and thus he warned his wife Diti. He may otherwise repeat verses from the Brihadaranya upanishad which say Ssamskara the earth has fire inside it, as heaven has Indira inside it, as the wind is inside as the embryo of the quarters, so do I plant a Garbha in three, Oh!

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The birth of a human being is a great science, and therefore reformation of the act of impregnation according to the Vedic ritual called Garbhadhana-samskara is very garbhadhaha for generating good population. To overcome such difficulties remedial measures may offer a solution. That is the unique contribution of Lord Caitanya to human society. Condition of Body and Mind: In contrast, people in modern civilization do not like pregnancy or childbirth, and when there is a child, they sometimes kill it.

The wife should be bathed, free from anger, in good spirits, in good health, neither underfed or overfed and desirous of her husband. She should not be pregnant, nor should she have recently borne a child.

That is not actual marriage, but a combination of men and women like cats and dogs. The eleventh and thirteenth nights are also forbidden, as the offspring produced will be of bad quality. According to Vedic society, there is a suitable auspicious time for sex life, which is called the time for garbhadhana.

Nobody knows except the mother. There everything under regulation. Material suicide causes loss of the physical body, and spiritual suicide causes loss of the individual identity.

Garbhadhana-samskara – Vaniquotes

On the fourth day, the couple go to the husband’s house and caturthi homa is performed. Another reason is that a highly enlightened parent can train a child in Krsna consciousness so that the child will not have to come back again to this miserable world. Kala Prakasika says it is better if the ascendent and eighth house are free of planets.

The culture of a human being begins when the father invests his semen in the womb of the mother.

Important and enthusing quotes for devotion! Gabrhadhana this purpose the Garbhadhana-samskara is recommended in the Vedic scriptures. Sandhyas should only be utilized for chanting gayatri mantra and meditating on the Lord.


The husband who thinks of anyone other than his wife reduces his life span and receives birth in a body without bones, trapped in the womb and bitten by insects.

According to Varnashrama the civilized society the civilized people in society would perform the purificatory ritual before conceiving a child. On the fourth day, the couple go to the husband’s house and caturthi homa is performed. Therefore, all sane people avoid the first four days. The woman is intermingling with everyone, and who has given birth of the child? So she, the woman became very much samskwra excited and the husband replied that: The first mother and father bring about his birth into the world; then the spiritual master and the Vedas become his second father and mother.

Ssmskara purpose is there, that “I shall train my child how to stop death.

Sexual union after the sixteenth night is also forbidden. One cannot enjoy sex life samskata at home or elsewhere and attend a so-called yoga class and thus become a yogi. Therefore the acaryas have emphasised the importance of undergoing all of the samskaras.


One has to practice controlling the mind and avoiding all kinds of sense gratification, of which sex life is the chief. Even numbered nights favor male children, and uneven numbers favor female children.

Maya is kicking to teach us lessons! Samsiara Vishnu make ready your conception channel.