Geovision LPR cameras enable license plate recognition and can be used with Geovision PC based NVRs and Geovision stand-alone embedded NVRs. In this guide, we will show you how to install and configure the GeoVision ASManager software, and also the LPR plugin on an existing GeoVision MultiCam. GV-LPR+DVR Geovision License Plate Recognition Solution For Single Lane – Software + USB Dongle for 4 Lane. Available at Worldeyecam.

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GeoVision – How do I record video all cameras geogision input trigger? In the Recognition section, by default the system will use the whole video frame to try to scan for plates.

To enter in the proper information, you have a few options:. If you are installing from the installation DVD, use these steps to install the system properly:.

If you would like to test that they automatically start when GV-MultiCam is started, restart the MultiCam software and navigate back to this menu. You will need to configure these options for each of the lanes you are trying to add to the system, with there being a maximum of 8 lanes of LPR. GeoVision – How do I remove supervisor accounts? Geovision – Where can I download Remote Viewlog? Registering a new account is quick and easy Custom Multi-Camera Kits 2.


GeoVision GV-LPR 2 Lane

This can sometimes lor useful if there might be other sources of letters or numbers coming into the video frame that you might want to ignore. After downloading both of the install files, extract them and then launch the setup for each one.

GeoVision – How do I setup auto reboot?

Products Product Categories Manufacturers. Registering a new account is quick and easy If you do not see this option, then the LPR plugin has not been successfully installed and you will need to attempt the installation again. Ask A Question Printable Version. Insert the USB Dongle to your computer.

GV-LPC – IP LPR Camera – License Plate Recognition – Products – GeoVision

Core i73. Alarm notifications and playing back LPR results are also supported. If all of the database connections have been created correctly, you will see the following screen. In this area, you can enable recognition and then name the lane of recognition e.

GeoVision – How do I setup video analytics? You will also be prompted to input an email address, where password information can be sent in the event of a forgotten password. GeoVision – How do I setup an analog camera in Multicam?

Geovision – Is my GeoVision card compatible with Windows 7? GeoVision – How do I reset password? Geovision – How do I do port forwarding? Geovision – Is my GeoVision card stackable?


GeoVision’s License Plate Yeovision is an effective and low-maintenance solution to ensure the security of parking lots, which are prone to crimes due to isolated and unstaffed corners. Not sure what you need?

Help your fellow customer. To enter in the proper information, you have a few options: Shopping Cart Checkout View Cart.

GeoVision | GV-LPR 2 Lane License Plates Detected in The Video Source | 2MCCTV

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When you feel you have configured all options, click on the OK button on the lower right of the window.


Ranging from large complex military complexes to small convenience stores. GeoVision – How do I listen to audio in Multicam? Video Tutorial – Access Control. Geovision – How do I configure static IP address?

Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit. NET Framework Version 3. HD Digital Video Recorders. Geovision – How to generate SSL certificate files? Security Cameras By Geovisiom.