The Getac S rugged laptops is a semi rugged notebook built for the person on the go. Very affordable and dependable provided by Find great deals for Getac S Semi-rugged Notebook Laptop PC 14″ Win 7. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Getac S is designed to be a durable, worry free semi-rugged computing solution. It is a perfect choice as a vehicle mounted solution. The S is one of.

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The S looks a lot like Getac’s fully rugged notebooks, but it s400 a lot less—about twice as much as a consumer notebook, but only half as much as a fully rugged machine. The results are below, and for comparison we added the Getac B, V, V and X as well as the latest Panasonic 31, the economy-priced Gammatech durable notebook, and the high-end GD-Itronix Topaz fully-rugged notebook.

The high scorers usually have discrete graphics in addition to the graphics integrated into the CPU or chipset. SmartCard reader, gdtac reader. Despite the excellent performance, the S offers very good battery life thanks to a large 87 watt-hour battery, Getac’s ECO mode settings, and a combination of Windows 7 and Intel core processor power savings technologies.

There are three USB 3. The small fingerprint reader is placed between the two mouse buttons. Its matte black and gun-metal gray color scheme is elegant, timeless, and exudes just the right degree of toughness.

Getac uses that approach in the QuadraClear technology used in several of its high-end rugged computers. Intel HD Graphics 4. The currently most popular way of making a notebook screen readable outdoors combines various optical treatments to control internal reflection with a strong backlight. We suspect that’s because PassMark seems to measure by thread whereas CrystalMark seems to exercise whatever CPU resources are available. The S provides advanced protection against harmful dust ingress IP5X and is one of the most rugged semi-rugged laptops ever made.

The Getac S has been discontinued. That makes the Getac system dual-touch without losing the inherent advantages of resistive touch, i.

Getac | S – Semi Rugged Notebook

Core i3 processors, for example, do not have the Intel TurboBoost. We designed the S notebook to be one of the most rugged semi-rugged computers ever built. Also, ink doesn’t go on as smoothly in recognition mode. Easy Access to Protected Connections and Ports.


Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: GETAC S

Complete ID Card Systems. Quick and easy Checkout is simple at any store that accepts Affirm.

With an integrate Gobi mobile broadband card, the S can be easily configured for multi-carrier wireless deployments making it the ultimate durable communication tool. In terms of competition, the Getac S seems squarely aimed at Panasonic’s Toughbook 53, or perhaps the other way around as the S was there first. Very impressive is also the amount of detail on the inside of the case: This pretty much means that transferring data, both via gefac or legacy standards, to and from the Getac S will never be a problem.

Getwc its looks probably suggest it is even tougher than it is, this machine seems plenty capable of handling the likely abuse encountered in its intended deployment in, as Getac outlines, “utilities, field service, public safety, as well as military applications including vehicle and office use”.

As a result, there are no reflections whereas the Gateway has sort of a muted mirror-like look. Apart from the difference in clockspeed, gftac higher-end i5 chip offers Turbo Boost the ability to boost clock speed when certain conditions are met and supports a number of advanced Intel technologies that may or may not be needed virtualizationtrusted executionadvanced AES.

Apart from the difference in clockspeed, the higher-end i5 chip offers Turbo Boost the ability to boost clock speed when certain conditions are met and supports a number of advanced Intel technologies that may or may not be needed virtualizationgehac executionadvanced AES.



Expect much improved perforance at lower power consumption, especially in tetac graphics arena where ATi E discrete graphics are optionally available to boot.

Optical Storage Drive Type. It is secured with about 20 Philips screws, then comes off easy. Underneath the slots is the optical drive.

AVADirect builds some of the toughest laptops in the industry.

The S is a “semi-rugged” full-featured notebook computer specifically designed for use in a variety of field applications that require more toughness and durability than consumer products can provide, but not the higher weight and cost of fully ruggedized construction. Gettac can adjust the backlight from quite dim to full bright in 16 steps via keyboard brightness buttons, and via 64 steps in the Windows control panel.


As far as construction goes, Getac refers to its”KryptoShell” housing material that provides much higher protection than standard consumer notebook housings. That’s because different benchmark suites use different s4000 for testing. Bottom line The Getac S should undoubtedly be seen as one the primary and most competent contenders in the semi- rugged notebook market. Turning backlight up to its very bright maximum increased power draw to about 23 watts, still theoretically good for almost four hours of running time.

It’s made for those whose laptops spend more time on the road and outdoors than on desks, but within reason and not to the extreme. There is, however, a significant degree of overlap both in functionality and performance, and the i3 and i5 chips chosen for the S are more than adequate for the job. Setting Power Options to High Performance and screen brightness up all the way added just another 2. Choose from our semi-rugged, fully-rugged and ultra-rugged laptops to get the most powerful performance and getxc for your needs.

Getac has figured out a way to offer multi-touch that works with gloves on. Microsoft unveils its new Office app for Windows 10 The app will act as a hub for all your Microsoft Office needs. The S vehicle dock by Precision Mounting Technologies features a small docking station footprint that was designed to disappear under the S in your vehicle.

Since a powerful backlight is hard on the battery, how do you best use the S’s strong backlight? The S features a 14 inch wide-screen display that can be configured with features essential for field use including a NITS display with glove-friendly multi-touch technology.

The vertical viewing angle is also wide, but there are considerable color shifts as you change the angle. And, Hyper-Threading technology, designed to enhance performance gerac allowing each processor core to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, is included in every S