You will need to register the program by following the instructions at the startup of On the Server click on Start, Programs, Symantec Ghost, Ghostcast Server. All the clients and the Ghostcast server should be connected to the hub. The Ghostcase Server must be assigned an IP in the range used on the client boot disks. Any tutorials, comments, corrections, explanations, and links to software that 1) Start the Ghostcast server, and have it ready to accept clients.

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Because it will look there by default.

Tim November 1st, at Published by Aubrie Russell Modified over 3 years ago. Click Browse button to choose the image file and Click open. Is there any other way w. There is no way to find the password again.

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But, you can remove the BIOS password using some utilities or some other ways. However I will say that I have used this build procedure for 6 years. This build used 3Com services, they are a little on the old side but they are included on the Ghost install disk.


The guide is written to a pretty basic level but it works. Auth with social network: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. If you choose to boot in to a PE image you can do that with these simple steps.

Click Browse and select the boot image file and click ok 5. Enabling option 60 on DHCP may stop your clients receiving an address entirely — see http: First ghoshcast start with the time it takes to send out an image. Then it will boot into a screen that looks like the following. Also there may be other ways this is just how I do it. It will only setver one drive at a time as well. Mapping Drives Client to Server Lecture Leave a Reply Cancel. Registration Forgot your password?

Installing Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1. Change the CMOS jumper settings.

The server computer is the computer at which you run GhostCast Server. Step One … a bit of preparation. Hope this helps someone. In this example, Windows and Windows XP. Select Universal Packet Driver v2. The image will now be restored on the system. I just thought I would add this in there for people that want to try something different.

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To do this you get rid of option 60 and add options 66 and Once you connect the client or clients, Click Send. The Ghost application itself will only do one computer or drive that is physically attached. August 2nd, Tags: At the client computer: Unicast is only good for a few computers, so you will have to do a Directed Broadcast. Once again in 66 you add your boot server IP and in 67 you add the path to the boot file location.


However depending on the version you have it may be a little different. The GhostCast session dialogue box opens, Enter Session name, which you chose.

Courtesy of IHC public relations. The session is now ready for clients to connect. The next menu shows you the Destination drive details you can determine the new sizeClick OK. Time limit is exhausted. Installing two different versions of Windows on the same machine. Then add the two options to your DHCP server options. We think you have liked this presentation.