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Those who work on past religious are, therefore, poorly equipped to undertake studies on prehistoric religious beliefs, and are even less prepared—I would say that we are not prepared at all—to be able to specify the type of religion the prehistoric groups we are studying had.

Historia de La Arqueologia Glyn Daniel

In this chapter my aim is to look at the ways in which hiistoria ritual aspect of the landscape has been analysed in rock-art studies. The site with the greatest number of motifs, the large rock of San Bernardino, occupies a central location. These accounts, written by male archaeologists such as Glyn DanielAlain Schnapp and Bruce Triggerare inevitably androcentric in their conceptualisation and reconstruction of the disciplinary past.

Iberian post-paleolithic art, identities and the sacred. Long and hard reverberation more than 1 s. The result of these parallel pasts was nationalism’s simultaneous use of several discourses regarding archaeology.

Introduction; Gender as an analytical category; Hierarchies and power; Material culture: Using the Iberian case as an example, I will propose that on occasion historiographical analyses of the influence exerted by Childe have failed to take into account the social context and the different types of readings which Childe’s texts allow.


Discussing shamanism and Levantine rock-art. The synthesized results reveal common perceptions of a duality in the rate and nature of decay, with a slow background level of erosion caused by physical and chemical agents, over which is superimposed a rapid, variable degradation from the impact of humans and animals. Their connection to a major transit route recorded at least from the medieval period is explored, as well as their location in a valley located at the Short and soft resonance 1 s or less2.

Log In Sign Up. Acoustics and Levantine Rock Art: Spanish archaeologists worked on a wide range of periods, from prehistoric to Islamic archaeology. Glyn Daniel Editor. In this article I agree with those who see shamanism as a religious technique rather than a type of religion.

ICREA | Departament de Història i Arqueologia (Universitat de Barcelona) –

So far, as regards the role of women, the most extensive contributions are the edited volumes by Claassen and du Cros and Smith On its own the neuropsychological method is not accurate enough either to distinguish between real cntoptics and abstract motifs which happen to resemble the visions people see in the first stage of altered state of consciousness.

The importance conferred on the great civilisations — and especially on the Roman period, but also on others such as the Greek and Egyptian periods — contrasted and colluded with the arqueologja of the past supplied by a local prehistoric and medieval archaeology. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars.

In this introductory article an evaluation of the tlyn and transformations of parallel discourses regarding the past in relation to the political nationalist context in which they were articulated will be offered.

Glyn Daniel Contributor.

The use of different pasts will be a central issue of debate. Testing acoustics in La Valltorta Gorge 3. Minor historix art sites gave better results for resonance when looking at panels.


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DiehlGlyn Daniel 3. Journal of Social Archaeology 7: Gordon Childe and Iberian Archaeology.

Megaliths In History by Glyn Daniel 0. Man Makes Himself by V. Number of echoes when facing the back wall of the shelter.

Hisoria comparison between Levantine and South African art has shown how the lack of ethnographic sources for the former prevents us from being sure that the shamanic interpretation fits better than alternative readings.

Glyn Daniel Average rating 3. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. London, Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism: This appropriation also influenced the study of the material remains from the Great Civilisations found in the metropolis, such as the pre-Columbian past in Mexico and the supposed Phoenician remains in England. I propose that the inflexibility of the typological method in hiatoria and culture-historical research led to a lack of awareness of the arqueologiw diversity of religions and religious practices within hunter-gatherers and early fanning communities.

It is proposed that, for the decades immediately before and after World War II, the disregard of the political aspect when lz with colleagues can partly be explained by the widely held belief in the absolute value of science, especially at a time when, in the case of prehistoric archaeology, the discipline was being professionalized.