Glynn Winskel rejoined the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory as professor in This followed 12 years as professor of computer science at. Organization: University of Cambridge. Web page: Pages in this Program. Program · Program for Tuesday, September 4th · Disclaimer. Formal Semantics of Programming Languages [Glynn Winskel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Formal Semantics of Programming.

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Strategies with Parallel Causes. The True Concurrency of Herbrand’s Theorem. Borel Determinacy of Concurrent Games.

Glynn Winskel

Logic and Program Semantics Colloquium on Trees in Algebra and Programming, Federico CrazzolaraGlynn Winskel: Juanito CamilleriGlynn Winskel: Name Generation and Linearity. Presheaf models for CCS-like languages. Logic in Computer Science, DI-Domains as a Model of Polymorphism. Skip to content You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, ainskel enable JavaScript to view our website as intended.


Thompson-WalshGlynn Winskel: Petri Nets With Persistence. An Exercise in Processes with Infinite Pasts. Petri nets, morphisms and compositionality. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

Partial Order Methods in Verification Strategies as Concurrent Processes. Pierre ClairambaultGlynn Winskel: On the determinacy of concurrent games on event structures with infinite winning sets.

Glynn Winskel – Google Scholar Citations

A Note on Powerdomains and Modalitiy. Petri Nets and Bisimulation. The formal semantics of programming languages: Deterministic Behavioural Models for Concurrency. Jonathan HaymanGlynn Winskel: Mogens NielsenGlynn Winskel: Organisation University of Cambridge Research summary I’m pleased to be able to report on several research advances made during the tenure of the senior fellowship.

GunterGlynn Winskel: Articles 1—20 Show more. Game semantics, in creating a broader foundation which supports concurrent wunskel and strategiesa paper is accepted in the prestigious conference LICS to be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto, another is submitted.

FioreGlynn Winskel: Categories of Models for Concurrency. The system can’t perform the operation now.


Limit Preservation from Naturality. Distributing probability over non-determinism.

Séminaire de Fédération : Glynn Winskel

A Categorical Axiomatics for Bisimulation. An introduction to event structures.

Bistructures, Bidomains and Linear Logic. Uffe EngbergGlynn Winskel: Mikkel NygaardGlynn Winskel: A Relational Model of Non-deterministic Dataflow. Symmetry in concurrent games.

Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 14 5: