Param Poojya Golwalkar Guruji a true patriot (Rashtra Bhakt). Posts about Guruji Golwalkar written by arisebharat.

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How, as Guruji had warned against, the ambivalence in cultural nationalism confuses the West promotes multiculturalism which is destabilising societies.

The Swayamsevaks also accomplished another tough task in that nerve-raking situation of partition. It represented an ideological clash between two conflicting thoughts. Several swayamsevaks defected and formed the Hindu Rashtra Dal inwith an agenda of a paramilitary struggle against Golwalkra rule; Nathuram Godse Gandhi’s assassin was a leader of that group.

Many of them started commenting and advising too. What a deep and noble impact those melodious tunes sung in the peaceful and elevating moments of the morning must have made on my young mind! In this meeting, Sardar Patel emphasized on the need for assimilating power of the Hindu society to counter the advent of activities of the Christian missionaries. As a result of Direct Action, Hindus in Bengal faced widespread violence. The three letters, written and sealed by Shri Guruji were opened and read.

Remembering H. H. Golwalkar Guruji : 2nd RSS Sarsanghachalak – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

But gradually, the Ayodhya movement evolved as the response of the people gutuji the forces of history to minority appeasement and other pseudo-secular distortions in Indian polity. Nor does a mere change of government create this quality. He holds a record of number of trips all over Bharat. This also relieved Doctorji of his worries. But Madhavrao insisted and the Nizam could enter only after paying the entrance fee. Sri Rama, one of our greatest ideals, is a living example of this philosophy of victory.

It was oglwalkar this crucial period that H. The onset of Quit Bharat Movement posed a question to the Sangh as to whether or not it should participate in it. The families of the three previous Sarsanghachalaks of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, however, had no such background of greatness or guruuji.

Shri Guruji

Khaki Shorts and Saffron Flags: He did not prophesy. We experienced the truth of this view in the period of Emergency.


The government order accused the Sangh of a number of serious crimes, apart from the assassination of Gandhiji. Vision In Action The Role of Sangh in Independent Bharat Afterfervent discussions were doing the rounds about the necessity of the role and existence of the Sangh in Bharat, as Pakistan had come into being and as such there was no cause for a Hindu-Muslim conflict. Even their smallest traces will have to be eliminated. Rajaram Ramesh Nagaraj Rao K. Now it seems there is the foreign hand in the circulation of exaggerated news of persecution of Harijans.

The boy made such rapid progress in the language that even when he was in the fourth standard he wrote letters in English to his maternal uncle in Nagpur.

This was a rare feat in the war history of the world by the Indian army that they made 92, Pakistani soldiers to meekly surrender and re-settled the one crore Hindus back in Bangladesh.

On the contrary, no movement initiated by the Congress had ever such a huge number of participants. Gurdayal Singh Dhillon and other eminent personalities extolled the qualities of Shri Guruji at length.

It was golwzlkar for Shri Guruji to make it to the Varga. Hence, for a very long period, he had tried to make the so-called high-caste Hindus to accept, embrace and give equality and respect to their brothers who were being called untouchables.

Our wise forbears have declared agni – shesharoga- shesharuna-shesha and shatru-shesha residues of fire, disease, debt and enemy should not be allowed gurujl persist. The Quit India Movement had also gained force, and many swayamsevaks had been incarcerated and some condemned to death as well.

M. S. Golwalkar – Wikipedia

He visited all the golaalkar from Amritsar to Ambala. Swamiji disclosed the secrets guruj spirituality to Shri Guruji and Amitabh Maharaj. Some are born great, being born in rich and famous families. Leadership Par Excellence in That Terrible Crisis Ultimately, the Congress leadership gave in to partition; and accordingly, the same was announced on 3rd July, The theory had prophesied that the more westernised a traditional society became, the less religious it would become, and modernity would have the last laugh and tradition, its last breath.


Golwwalkar British acknowledged that the organisation “scrupulously kept itself within the law, and refrained from taking part in the disturbances that broke out in August, “. Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar Marathi: By the time Shri Guruji turned 60, his health started deteriorating. Guruji who became the Sarsanghachalak of the RSS in the year golwslkar away in the year But these leaders were unmoved and every time they indulged in new allegations in response.

Shri Guruji did not accept the partition as the ultimate truth. In the process what he spoke then was unacceptable and unpopular then but became later as the gplwalkar for his thoughts expressed ahead of time arrived. Golwalkar’s background, training and interests made him an unlikely successor, and Balasaheb Deoras said that several RSS leaders were sceptical about Golwalkar’s ability as a sarsanghchalak.

For him, Doctorji served as a living example in all such respects. They, surely, have done some good deeds and have sacrificed for the cause of the society and the nation.

Dr. Hedgewar and Sangh

Vote Fearlessly, Boldly, Rightly I address myself to the great Hindu People, to strive for whom has become my Dharma, the hoary immortal Hindu People whom I worship as the veritable manifestation of the Eternal Divine. Please forward my last request To the God that He might not forget me. The couple had four sons, but the first two died as babies of just an year old.

They got disconnected with the mainstream Hinduism because their links and communications were hampered, some time in history. Everybody appreciated his in-depth knowledge of Bharatiya architecture, his aesthetic sense, artistic thought-process and his approach towards the concept of that Smriti-Mandir.

In Gowlalkaron the expiry of his teaching term, Shri Guruji returned to Nagpur and bycompleted his study of law. Hence, in keeping with his strong urge it was arranged that Swayamsevaks province-wise were called into the Sangh karyalaya to meet him.

InHedgewar made him secretary karyavah of the main Nagpur branch.