The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble Bihi, a Somali with a degree in economics who has made and lost a fortune in the virtual goat market. Previous post: Understanding the jargon of Brexit. Next post: The European Court of Justice may have rescued Italy’s banks. The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September by DailyLit, 35 pages, Kindle Edition.

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This meant both more goats and more planes arriving to run them over. But all the consumers have in their pockets is the 1p I paid them so independent of the quality of the goods or the real demand for the goods or the real resources available to make them, I will not be able to greay business so the country will be poor unless someone somewhere goes and borrows i.

But that didn’t happen in the bubblw and it didn’t happen in the West in the real world during our bubbles. Our competition in the market that afternoon drove up the price of goats.

Topical posts on this blog. Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, soon the doubled and redoubled prices paid out by the airport manager had reached such giddy heights that the merchant class grew greedy and joined in. You look for soft focus not hard focus.

The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble. Shortlisted for the Wodehouse Prize for comic fiction. A million not worth eighteen.

Somaliland: The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble

You can arguably see both elements of decline management and con trick in the strategy, whether the strategy was default or design is a seperate issue. He repres Julian Gough is an award winning author of funny stories about serious things.


I believe some troops arrived in Mogadishu. Oh, certainly, paupers were becoming millionaires, and millionaires were soon billionaires by merely getting out of bed and showing their faces at the beautiful new Goat Exchange, but the heady joy of the early days had gone.

Best of the Blog. They keep trying to prop up the price of computers all the time, unsuccessfully, by pushing up the technical spec. It’s all built on a promise to pay.

This is my blog for discussion of the UK economy, how it relates to the rest of the world, and how it affects us all. We would be here for some time. Various novels have emerged, to critical acclaim, and his short stories have won awards and gone viral.

Now all that had seemed sane behaviour in the long dream of the bubble looked criminal madness in the cold light of day. Stealing Will Self’s Pig. Best Irish Blog Ever semi-retired. Kindle Edition35 pages. Economics claims to be about the allocation of scarce resources.

The big players are pushing their hybrid models as a solution. This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Lists with This Book. As most of the products they are making are already down the curve – that is why production was shipped to China – it is inevitable so China already have some decline active even though it is well hidden in their overall activity. To think that the error of our ways was pointed out, more than 80 years ago: But it was all talk and no action.

The numbers we dealt in were by now so vast that the few remaining physical goats were a financial irrelevance of purely historical interest, and, indeed, a source of slight embarrassment to the newly wealthy traders of goat derivatives. Please do feel free to print out, copy, email, or otherwise distribute The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble to your friends.


You can stay up to date with Stephanomics via these feeds.

The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble – Julian Gough’s website

With the devil trying to re sell TO Adam on credit what he[Adam] already owns. They seem to think this is your main purpose in life. Sorry, your haggeisa cannot share posts by email.

Then I want to sell the stock they make for me for 2p – to make a profit. To abolish the payments would have lead to a hagreisa in market confidence, the panicked sale of goats, a flooded goat market and subsequent price collapses that would have ruined most.

Lets use fluorescent lighting, why not use LED lighting.

If anything you want productivity in terms of output to drop. People are bloating out estimates and over-justifying investments into new projects or restructurings, simply to keep themselves employed. The play started life as the first short story ever to appear in the Financial Times. Confused by all I hargisa wrought, and by now so rich that there was no word in common use that could describe my wealth, I returned one day to the old Hargeisa airport runway, the site of my glorious notion.

They go on about domestic energy wastage but walk around any town. The danger is a man walking somewhere, as in anywhere, and concentrating on how well he is walking not where he is going.