For comparison, there were 14 Greyhawk-specific deities when the setting The art snippets came from my own Greyhawk webcomic that ran. There is a bug in the domain lists for the deities presented in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer–some deities don’t have the alignment domains listed for all. Boccob was first detailed for the Dungeons & Dragons game in “The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk” by Gary Gygax in Dragon.

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Wenta rewards each day of hard work with pleasantly cool nights, boon companions, and plenty of good spirits to loosen the tongue and quicken the heart.

Vathris died, along with his nation, in a war with the rival state of Sulm. There’s also a Canonfire list of known dragons and they’re pretty rare.

Where is the history of Greyhawk deities and dragons written? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

There greyhaw, said to be one-way portals in this realm leading to realms of darkness and evil, through which the powers here hope to bring hope and goodness. Kuroth’s priests prefer daggers and rapiers. Where he once stood for the future, now he only obsesses about the past.

He wields the greatsword Kelmar in battle. Honor, glory, wealth, and love are all meaningless in the face of this crusade.

Greyhawk deities

Damaran is the Touv god of vermin and other creeping things, as well as the flight-instinct essential to survival. She carries a bastard sword and a longbow, and is garbed in silvery plate mail.


His colors are white, silver and gold. Her grandmother is Breeka and her great-grandmother is the sun goddess Nolawho was awakened by the creator god Uvot. A red-gold heart shines from her chest. Damaran obeys his father, Meyanok greyhak, unquestioningly, and is easily bullied into service by his older sister Vara. Bleredd encourages the free flow of information; the knowledge of smithcraft should never be hoarded, but taught freely to anyone with a talent for it.

He is the sworn enemy of Beltar. During the same session, Ernie and Elise also found the first treasure, after his children had gone to bed, Gygax immediately began working on a second level for the dungeon. He wields a weapon in each hand: Phaulkon is the son of Lendorand fathered Kord upon Syrul. At the moment, paladins of the Shield Mother are on a quest to recover the Shield of Stratisone of the artifacts left scattered across the land when that son of the Mother of War was killed.

One temple to Merikka exists in the village of Orlane north of the Rushmoors. The priesthood favors the shortspear. Her symbol is a gold or copper image of the sun. Greyhawk deities Lists of fictional deities. Jascar appears as a muscular human male with a dark beard and breastplate of shining silver. Though he resides on Arboreahe often visits the plane of Elemental Air.

Johydee can take any form, but usually appears as a young woman with grey eyes and honey-blonde hair. With her sling Windstormshe can strike the most distant foe, and with Dejties Dawnher spherical glass talisman, she is able to melt all ice in sight.


List of Greyhawk deities

Her grandmother is Breeka and her great-grandmother is the sun goddess Nolawho was awakened by the creator god Uvot. His symbol is an eight-pointed star composed of spears and maces. The accumulation of too much wealth is manifestly not the point; rather, it is the act of haggling and negotiating that Mouqol presides over and sanctifies.

On April 18, Wizards of the Coast announced that it would not be renewing Paizos licenses for Dragon and Dungeon. An adventurer finds a teleportation portal while exploring a dungeon in the role-playing video game Falcon’s Eye.

His symbol is a demonic face with ears like a bat’s wings. She carries a mace called Fair Warning and is usually seen with Xaphan, her ferret familiar. For anyone who made it to the bottom level alive, the insane architect of the dungeons, Zagyg, awaited them. Their duty is to defend Oerth ‘s timestreams from interference or damage by outside forces. Honor, glory, wealth, and love are all meaningless in the face of this crusade. An Oeridian god, he is called the Far Wanderer, and is brother to Fharlanghn.

She is the mother of Kataywho has no father. Azor’alq is a tall, handsome warrior with a dark complexion. Vara is the Touv goddess of Nightmares and Fear.