Hulagu Khan (ca. ) was a Mongol conqueror and the founder of the dynasty of the Il-Khans of Iran. He also suppressed the Ismaili sect and defeated . fifth son of Tolui (and thus grandson of Čengiz Khan) and founder of the R. E. Latham, London and New York, , index s.v. “Hulagu”). Hulagu Khan Destroyed Thousands Of Priceless Ancient Books Kept In The House Of Wisdom In Baghdad. | June 21, | Ancient History.

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Nasir al-Din al-Tusi managed to rescue aboutmanuscripts kjan he took to Maragheh before the siege, but the great majority of all precious haalku books and manuscripts kept at the House of Wisdom were gone forever.

Historians have ascribed various motives to al-Alkami’s opposition to submission, including treachery [23] and incompetence, [24] and it appears that he lied to the Caliph about the severity of the invasion, assuring Al-Musta’sim that, if the capital of the caliphate was endangered by a Mongol army, balaku Islamic world would rush to its aid.

Retrieved 1 May Ancient History Facts Jul 26, It broke down or silted up. The hala,u the ignorant Mullah is removed and the law of blasphemy should include tempering with the message of the Quran, Pakistan will stand tall again in the world. Tekuder Abaqa Taraqai Mengu Timur. With presence of documents, Islam would not be vulnerable to attacks from those who opposed Divine doctrines.

Those hiding behind the veils of the great Harem were dragged Early in the attack on the city commenced.

The border of the Mongol Ilkhanate remained at the Tigris River for the duration of Hulagu’s dynasty. Reuven Amitai Originally Published: Adopting Islamthey oversaw what has been described as a Renaissance in Iran.

Siege of Baghdad (1258)

Featured Stories Dec 9, It also oversaw what has been described as an Iranian Renaissance. Featured Stories Jul 3, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By the middle of the 13th century, however, the power of the Abbasids had declined and Turkic and Mamluk warlords often held power over the Caliphs.


City of Peace, City of Blood. Whatever his pro-Christian leanings, it is noteworthy that, upon his death inin accordance with Mongol tradition he was interred together with several beautiful young women. For instance, Hulagu, who led Mongol forces into the Middle East during the second wave of the invasions inhad with him a thousand squads of engineers, evidently of north Chinese or perhaps Khitan provenance. With him were the King of Armenia and the Prince of Antioch.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Baghdad came under heavy attack from the Mongols. Hulagu left 3, Mongol soldiers behind to rebuild Baghdad.

The caliph tried to negotiate but was refused. It was a place where scholars came together for dialogue, hallaku and discourses.

A thousand squads of northern Chinese sappers accompanied the Mongol Khan Hulagu during his conquest of the Middle East. The citizens of the ancient capital of the Caliphate saw for the first time for six centuries three Christian potentates ride in triumph through their streets,” Runciman India Java Korea Tibet. The Mamluks took advantage of the weakened state of Kitbuqa’s forces.

It was essential to destroy same so that different innovations be introduced through imagined and created stories about the past. However, the letter stated Hulagu’s intention to capture Jerusalem for the benefit of the Pope, and asked for Louis to send a fleet against Egypt:. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Paris,p. The Mamluk sources provide some interesting details for the biography of the first Il-khan.

On January 29, the Mongol army began its siege of Baghdad, constructing a palisade and a ditch around the city. Why not save the best library in the world which included documentary record of the various Governments of Islam from the Prophet Blessings be upon him to that day. Hulagu returned to his lands byafter the succession was finally settled with his brother Kublai Khan established as Great Khan.


A low estimate is about 90, dead; [10] higher estimates range fromto a million. Almost immediately, a smaller raiding force, perhaps numbering 6, horsemen, was dispatched to northern Syria.

The Barons of Acre, contacted by the Mongols, had also been approached by the Mamluks, seeking military assistance against the Mongols.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His funeral was the only Ilkhanate funeral to feature human sacrifice.

Berke and his forces went as far as Darband in pursuit of the Khna troops before returning home.

Hulagu’s forces then besieged the city, which surrendered on February 10,leading to a week-long massacre by the Mongols, regarded as one of the most devastating events in the history of Islam.

Baibars and Qutuz had hidden the bulk of their forces in the hills to wait in ambush for the Mongols to come into range. The story is highly dubious; it is not confirmed in any of the Persian, Armenian, and Georgian sources, and it seems most unlikely that a Georgian princess would demand that the Il-khan should convert to Islam.

Siege of Baghdad () – Wikipedia

halalu Mongol Manpower and Persian Populationpp. Views Read Edit View history. Even Quranic fragments have been discovered. Zarkadoulia, George Samonis History History of Europe Biography Credited. Estimates of the size of the Egyptian army range from 24, toGenghis Khan did not invade far into the Muslim world, but the Great Khan, Mongke, put his brother Hulagu Khan in charge of an army whose balaku were to conquer MesopotamiaPersia, Syria, and Egypt, as well as to destroy the Abbasid Caliphate.