I couldn’t tell you the exact year, but I’m pretty sure I was around 10 years old or so What I do very clearly remember was that it was on a Saturday afternoon. Hand Balancing for Muscular Development is a book written by Bill Hinbern on learning to do hand balancing. This book was actually for first. Hand-balancing is one of the most effective exercise programs you can do to develop Bill Hinbern is the unquestioned expert on the subject of hand- balancing.

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Learn how to Roll Up Backward into a Handstand. I have been attempting hand-balancing at the end of my training sessions, but not making much progress. Everybody is remarking how well and fit I look, so I vevelopment be doing something right and I am just scratching the surface. To these you can also add in my own unrealistic expectations so its pretty easy to understand why things ended up the way they did.

The handstand is by far my favorite exercise which I greatly look forward to with anticipation and excitement every time I do them!! With this guide in hand, I was no longer in the dark as far as how and where to get started.

Hand Balancing for Muscular Development –

Just reach down and kick up, it will be that easy! Discover the proper position for your hands and fingers. Learn the anatomical details of how your body hand-balancinv maintains a sense of balance. Four different stretching exercises for maintaining strong, flexible shoulders. All the big names in bodybuilding hung out there.

Develop Power, Flexibility and Athleticism. All other skills can only be accomplished by mastering this movement.


Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development – Bodyweight Training Products

The hand Balancing movement that is also one of the very best for building abdominal strength You are never in need of a training partner. How to walk up and down stairs on your hands Hand-Balancing Requires No Equipment Ever been in need of a good workout but do not have access to special equipment. And I can’t learn hand-balancing now because I have glaucoma or pre-glaucoma the doc isn’t sure whichand upside down training is on the “don’t do” list.

The art of hand-balancing, of course, goes back centuries before that. Do You Want to Be a Monster? Grimek is one of my personal ‘iron heroes’ and you did a spectacular job on it. You’ve just been sent an email that contains a confirm link.

I highly value all books that I have received from you for they have given me a new perspective on physical training and of the people who were and who remain true to it and not to money.

Hand Balancing for Muscular Development

The pitfalls of under-balance and overbalance and how to overcome them. One way they demonstrated their strength was through hand-balancing. Seven different methods for progressing to the one armed hand stand. Where to properly position your gym mats when you practice. Twenty Advanced Hand balancing moves guaranteed to impress anyone The “What Would Happen If.

Read through it four or five times the first go around, and pick it up every few months. Newer Post Older Post Home. Having always been a fan of bodyweight exercises Marine Corps parking lot P. Four different stretching exercises for maintaining strong, flexible shoulders And I describe John Grimek’s off the chart hand-stand pushup and tiger-bend workouts in my John Grimek training course.

Posted by Brooks Kubik at 9: Many were as adept at performing bodyweight feats as they were at lifting any barbell. One of the most popular methods of doing this is using a common kitchen chair but you can learn to do it just about anywhere. Well, hand-balancing requires no equipment of any kind. You can practice at a moments notice, whether you have five minutes or an hour.


After a brief review of your book it contains the information I have been seeking all these years to be able finally to do a hand stand and hand stand push ups.

Many of the oldtime strength athletes used hand balancing as a way to build incredible strength and upper body development. A Message for the Forgotten Men! The most difficult part of the Backward Roll up into The Handstand and a quick tip for conquering it easily. How to train for the MOST impressive hand-balancing feat of all.

I am one satisfied customer. A popular place around was Muscle Beach in California. I wish I had a spotter so I could try hand-balancing without any support. The importance of practicing on the proper surface. You will find very little, if any, modern sources on hand-balancing available anywhere… until NOW that is.

Let me tell you what made the difference:. Twenty Advanced Hand balancing moves guaranteed to impress anyone. The very specific and exact ways that your body maintains a sense of balance and why understanding them will be critical to your hand balancing success 2.

How your hands and fingers must be positioned for the perfect handstand 5. Crowds would gather to watch these stars lift weights, do hand-to-hand balancing, etc.