Sri Tripura Rahasya or Haritayana Samhita. (THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY) Translated by. SWAMI SRI RAMANANANDA SARASWATHI. Tripura Rahasya – haritaayana samhita. THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY If you wanted to know from where the movies The Matrix & its sequels,The. Following India’s Vedic tradition, “Vastu” helps guide people to prosperity and tranquility in life by aligining architectural spaces with the natural world. This work .

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He disguised himself as a Brahmin, in order to decoy the Brahmin guests. Just as a man survives his dream, so does the Lord survive the dissolution of His creation.

Whose deaths are the cause of your present grief? The man is not finally redeemed until he has extricated himself from these numberless samnita of ignorance.

Tripura Rahasya: The mystery beyond the Trinity

Again endowed with powerful eye-sight, he was able to see far-off lands and discovered other worlds besides this one. Samnita you consider it irresistible, listen to what I say. Rahasya means secret or mystery. Within an hour and a half, she was climbing the steps of the mansion like the Queen of Night moving, across the sky.

Pride before sages will always be humbled.

Tripura Rahasya

Pratibha is the real Third Eye: A jaundiced eye sees everything yellow and myopia produces the double image of a single object. Unconventional scriptural text Chapter 17 is of particular interest for it deals with the practical aspects. There are two principal divisions, known as Kadividhya and Hadividhya. Tell me, what relationship have all these people to me?


Just as a prince labours under a misapprehension that the string of pearls still clinging to his neck has been stolen away by another and is not persuaded to the contrary by mere words but only believes when he finds it around his neck by his own effort so also, O youth, however clever a man may be, he will never know his own self by the mere teaching of others unless he realises it for himself.

This is a wonderful story to contemplate upon. Its contents mostly cover the ground of Durga Saptasati and of Lalita Upakhayana. As long as the mind is not inward, so long the Self cannot be realised. Dreams are mental imagery, and how shall I overcome them? Madam Vorax is desire; her sons are anger and greed; their city is the body.

But the intellect which collates time, space and phenomena is infinite and eternal at each moment of their appearance and it is called Vijnana by them. At one time he worshipped with sacrificial rites the Goddess, inhering as the Self. Countless aids will not give emancipation if an earnest search for truth is not made.

Now, leave your gross body in this hole covered with bushes; enter the hill with your mental sheath along with me. Sri Dattatreya hritayana the foremost in the line of divine teachers incarnate on earth. This explains the third statement above. Realise it this instant, for procrastination is not worthy of a good disciple.

The horse is a challenge to the kings in whose country it roams, so that battles are fought until the horse is successfully brought back and the sacrifice performed. The answer is Sahaja or naturalness. Of all the sahita now assembled here, no one has experienced Reality, except the king and myself. The people, the river courses, the trees, the tanks, etc.


According to them, the imponderable atoms produce the tangible world, which did not exist before creation and will not remain after dissolution.

Kindly clear these doubts. Similar discrepancies are evident elsewhere. As a consequence Sri Munagala Venkataramaiah now Swami Ramanananda Saraswathi took up the work of translation in All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June He awoke in an hour and a half, opened his eyes and saw his wife nearby.

They are only images. They seek pleasures but gain sorrow. The town where even the lower animals convey such supreme wisdom is famous to this day as the City of Wisdom on Earth, which reputation it owes to that one wise princess Hemalekha by whose advice Hemachuda became a Jivanmukta, all the rest following in his wake.

This is borne out by the realisation of yogis of the objects of their long contemplation. The Gods in council resolved to approach Anasuya — the ideal of wife-hood — to ask her to prevail on the other lady to relent.

Who are her sons? Every instant free from thoughts and musings in the wakeful state is the condition of Samadhi.